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April 28, 2018

6 Proven Ways to Improve Productivity of Your Office

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." - Paul J. Meyer

Truer words have never been spoken about productivity. It is not just the effort of an employee to work hard to achieve the best results but also of the employers to provide all the necessary elements that can have a significant impact of the productivity of their office.

Today, most of the companies are realizing their responsibility towards their office’s productivity and coming up with innovating solutions to achieve a fruitful result. Here are 6 proven ways that you can also use to improve the productivity of your office:

  • Create Lively Surroundings
    Install some trendy and lively décor items or bring in comfortable seating arrangement for the employees. This will not just enhance the engagement of employees but also revamp your office space. You can also add some accessories like motivational posters or funky clocks to break the monotony of the office life.
  • Light it Up

    The productivity of your employees is also dependent on their surroundings. To ensure a lively surrounding, you must shift your focus to the visual appeal of the workplace. Lighting plays a vital role in imbibing an aesthetical appeal to a dull workplace with the play of colours and style. Nowadays, you can find various indoor LED lighting solutions that can accentuate the office by giving it a sophisticated and stylish look.

    We at Wipro Lighting, offer an exclusive range of LED lighting solutions like recessed lighting that offer a quaint ambience to the employees that keeps them focused. While choosing LED lights for your office, you can opt for blue light as it is found to enhance concentration and productivity in a workplace.

  • The Fun-Official Place

    An office without a break room is no less than a school without a playground. Often people associate productivity with the more number of hours that employees put in their work. However, the truth is that continuous work without regular breaks is not as effective as it could get with the inclusion of fun-breaks in the daily routine.

    Therefore, while working on improving the productivity of your office, you must design a fun-official place in the workplace where employees can spend quality time by playing games or taking rest on a comfy sofa.

  • Declutter It All
    When the mind is full of unnecessary thoughts, it is not easy to concentrate on the work that needs attention. The same idea goes for your office. If your workplace is filled with clutter that has no importance and is taking up too much space, you need to get rid of it. The decluttering idea may seem a tedious one, but it is quite easy. All you need are a couple of boxes that can hold up the clutter and keep them in the storage unit.
  • Better Tech Support
    Though it may need some extra investment on your part, this is one of the most important ways to improve productivity at the office. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a workplace that has no connection with the technology. Whether it is a small startup or an MNC, they all are equipped with basic IT needs such as internet and tech devices like PCs. Better tech support undoubtedly means better productivity in your office. Hence, install devices that are latest and user-friendly to ensure a smooth flow of the work. If a big investment is not on your list, try mending small things like the internet speed and better tech support.
  • Bring in Nature
    Potted plants and flowers are not just decorative pieces; rather they are natural agents that have the ability to relieve stress and boost productivity among the employees. Some indoor plants are also known for improving the air quality of the workplaces. So, do make a small investment and bring in nature to your office. Some of the popular indoor plants that you can install are jade plant, umbrella tree and peace lily.

The journey of building a successful company begins by creating a productive office. So, follow these ways and help your employees stay motivated, happy and productive.

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