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May 1, 2018
A Professional Guide to Maintaining LED Lights the Right Way

LED lights are one of the most significant innovations in the lighting industry. Not only have they revolutionised the lighting industry but have also paved way towards innumerable applications including IoT, Li-Fi and Smart Lighting. These semiconducting diodes are highly energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. In addition to these advantages, LED lights are also low on maintenance, meaning they require little tinkering and are replaced over a longer time.

LED luminaires are the choice of most professional lighting designers and professionals who extensively work with lighting systems. Professionals should maintain responsible lighting design to preserve fixtures and sustain the lighting goal for longer. Maintenance of lighting fixtures may include cleaning luminaires, replacing defective parts, and even re-positioning of luminaires.

Here is a professional guide to maintaining LED lights the right way

Read User Manual Before Use

Discarding the user manual is a common practice adopted by many for numerous products. However, in case of LED lights, user manual becomes an essential piece of information that can tell the users about specific warnings and limitations of the LED lights. Furthermore, user manual also contains information on how to install and disassemble the fixture. This piece of booklet also has information telling users about the practices they should follow and the ones they should avoid when using LED lights.

Maintaining Adequate Temperature and Humidity

LED lights are highly durable and can bear extreme changes in temperature and humidity without failing. However, this is true only in the case of LED lights that have a superior construction. For instance, Wipro Lighting, one of the most technologically advanced LED lights manufacturers have products that can withstand extremely high changes in temperature while also boasting of an IP 66 construction for their fixtures. This prevents the internal electrical components from getting damaged which usually happens in case of inferior LED products.

Periodical Cleaning

Even though LED lights require less maintenance which contributes to reduced costs, it is advisable to clean them periodically. The fixtures must be cleaned as mentioned in the user manual to avoid any electrical shortages. Furthermore, cleaning the fixtures not only helps in removing the dust and debris but also from potential electrical shortages caused by them.

Performing Inspections

One of the most significant advantages of LED lights is that they can be paired with an entire networking system. IoT or Internet of Things enables LED lights to be controlled and monitored over a network. A facility manager can use this system to perform inspections including checking for lumen depreciation. Maintaining LED lights is essential, especially in a commercial environment. These inspections can help in figuring out any changes in colour temperatures, a pronounced colour shift, and if there is a degradation in lighting output.

Choosing the right LED fixtures

Selecting the appropriate LED lights is the first step towards maintaining them. Investing in quality LED lights can minimise their maintenance cost while making them last longer. Before choosing the LED lights, it is important to know specific factors including the required colour temperature, colour rendering index, lumen output and applications of a particular light fixture. Moreover, choosing LED luminaires with better thermal management system will further bring down the maintenance cost as improved management will increase the longevity of LED drivers.

There is no doubt that LED lights are much more durable than any other lighting system. However, even though they are advertised as being maintenance free, it is always a good idea to carry out periodic maintenance for increasing their longevity further. Remember, the overall longevity of LED lights is rated at 50,000 hours; however, this is inclusive of all components that make up a lighting fixture. So, it is essential to keep the factors mentioned above in mind.

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