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February 15, 2021

All you need to Know about High-Bay Lighting

Factories, warehouses, manufacturing units, gyms, and other industrial spaces must be well-lit to avoid mistakes and to improve productivity. These are the areas where highly complicated tasks are performed so the industrial lighting accessories must be appropriate. High Bay luminaires are perfect for taller ceilings and wider areas. This type of indoor lighting systems covers the vertical as well as the horizontal spaces seamlessly. It hangs from the ceiling through chains, hooks, or sometimes gets perfectly fixed on the ceiling. High-bay lights are installed 20 feet or more above the floor. These are powerful lights that cause minimum or no glare even in larger areas.

Uses of high-bay luminaires

High-bay lights are ideal for wider indoor spaces because they emit bright and uniform light across the area. There are numerous uses of high-bay lights and a few of which are listed below.

  •  High-bay lights are perfect for commercial and industrial spaces.
  • They are used in multiple areas in industries like - workshops, assembly lines, warehouses, factories, etc.
  • High-bay lights are also used in recreational areas like - gyms, stadiums, etc.
  • We can use these lights in large conference areas, event centres, and spaces where light is required from a certain height.
  • These lights are used in large department stores.

There are different types of indoor lighting systems that are best for industrial use. Some of the best Wipro high bay lighting solutions are as follows.

Radial UNO

RADIAL UNO LH21 by Wipro lighting comes with Aeroflo® technology that performs excellently even in harsh industrial conditions. This luminaire has High Transmitivity Polycarbonate IP65 Lens that is responsible for delivering unmatched optical performance. Radial UNO is one of the best products in the Industry 4.0 era. It can integrate with internet controls and sensors, and IoT based solutions for better productivity, safety, etc.

Xpress - Linear Highbay (75W-200W)

Xpress - Linear Highbay (75W-200W) is an aluminium extruded linear high-bay luminaire perfect for the replacement of linear conventional industrial fixtures. It comes with high-performance technology that offers a productive and safe workspace. This lighting solution is used in different areas like - warehouses, car parking, airports, manufacturing plants, conveyor belts, and so on. Xpress- linear high-bay has numerous excellent features, such as - thermal management, longevity, flexible moulding, etc.

Xline Pro LED (39W)

Xline Pro LED, a trunk-mounted LED channel is a specifically crafted extruded aluminium trunk that comes with a snap-fit arrangement for a flexible and easy installation. This product is perfect for industries, concourse areas, and metro stations.

These are just a few prominent products from a wide range of the best Wipro lights solutions. You can explore our High-bay and Mid-bay luminaires section for knowing more about this range of industrial lighting.

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