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August 26, 2020
All you need to know about LED Streets Lights

A study* by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) asserts that driving outside light hours is more dangerous and accounts for a substantial number of fatal accidents and serious injuries. In addition, night-time also puts pedestrians and other road users at risk as they may experience safety concerns due to the reduced visibility on the roads. Fortunately, street lighting solutions can curb these respective issues effectively.

LED street lights are one of the most important public infrastructure instruments that primarily ensure smooth flow of traffic and safety on the roads. These lights improve visibility during the hours of darkness, eventually ameliorating the safety of drivers as well as pedestrians. Moreover, outdoor street lighting solutions can also enhance the security of the residents in urban areas by improving the quality of light during night-time.

Why LED street lights?

Before the advent of LEDs, civic authorities relied on traditional street lights like fluorescents, sodium vapour street lights, or mercury vapour street lights. Though these lights furnished the required illumination levels, they were still leveraged with various maintenance, durability, and efficiency concerns. Thus, authorities have gradually shifted their reliance on LED-based street lighting solutions and solar street lighting in order to avail maximum benefits.

Some of the major benefits associated with LED street lights include:

• Increased efficiency and brighter illumination with lower power consumption.

• Frees civic authorities from regular maintenance concerns. For instance, LED lights can remain operational for almost 50,000, more than any other lighting devices.

• LEDs ensure precise colour rendering and effective glare prevention. This makes seeing of objects easy and simple for the drivers.

• Unlike sodium vapour and mercury vapour lights that take extended time to warm up and switch on, LEDs are powered with quick “On & Off” capabilities.

• Fluorescent lights deliver lesser light yield in winters. Fortunately, this is not the case with LED street lights.

• LED street lights do not attract nocturnal bugs.

In addition, LED streets lights are more sturdy, durable, and sustainable than any other lighting device available in the market. We at Wipro Lighting ensure that our products are versatile enough to be managed, maintained, and monitored easily. For instance, our Skyline LED street lights are powered by aluminium die-cast housing and IP66 rating for comprehending durability, reliability, and efficiency.

How to select a street lighting solution?

Civic authorities should always conduct comprehensive research before deciding on a street lighting solution. They should consider all aspects like lumen level, number of street lights required, IP rating, pole height, LED package, etc. and then make an informed decision.

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