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May 11, 2020

All you need to know about LiFi

Lighting technologies have undergone significant innovations over the period of time to become more efficient, sustainable and safe. Today, LED lighting solutions have been established as the most energy efficient and durable lighting solutions in the world that not only furnish better, brighter and uniform illumination but also provide a notable service life of almost 50,000 hours. Moreover, the leading commercial lighting manufacturers assert that LED lights are multi-purpose lighting solutions that also serve as the base of highly innovative modern lighting technologies like LiFi.

What is LiFi?

LiFi technology is an ultra-modern lighting technology that establishes a secure network of high-speed, bi-directional and wireless communication of data through light. It allows data transmission by modulating the intensity of light and using a photo-sensitive detector. As per the top LED lighting manufacturers, this lighting technology can effortlessly work indoors, outdoors, and with dimmed lights. For instance, the smart lighting solution delivered by pureLiFi can also work seamlessly with various off-the-shelf LED luminaires.

What are the benefits of LiFi?

LiFi typically comprises of multiple LED lights that together form a wireless network. It is a highly beneficial lighting technology that is capable of offering substantially similar user experience like Wi-Fi, except that it uses a light spectrum. Some of the major benefits associated with LiFi include:

1. LiFi is a smart lighting solution that can be used in most of the public as well as private spaces. For instance, it can be used along with outdoor street lighting solutions for developing LiFi hotspots. Moreover, the leading LED street light manufacturers claim that the same communication infrastructure can also be used for the purpose of controlling the data and lighting.

2. Since light cannot cross physical barriers like walls, LiFi signals can be secured in a physical space. In addition, the technology can also be incorporated with additional control to allow the users to monitor the movement of data from one device to another.

3. LiFi sustains wireless efficiency. It can possibly achieve around 1000 times the data density of a normal high-speed Wi-Fi and can easily avoid interferences from devices like cordless phones, microwaves, etc.

4. Lastly, LiFi uses a network of LED lights. This increases the energy efficiency quotient of the whole system.

The LiFi lighting technology is leveraged with exclusive and innovative advantages that can skyrocket the productivity and efficiency of a commercial space. Fortunately, Wipro Lighting has collaborated with pureLiFi to encourage LiFi adoption and to develop applications for the lighting and wireless communications market in Asia.

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