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April 16, 2020

Ambient Lighting – Need and Benefits

Lighting is believed to be one of the most important interior designing elements in all the commercial spaces. It not only lays significant influence on the employee behavior and health but also governs the efficiency and sustainability quotients of the building.

The top commercial lighting manufacturers believe that a good lighting setup combines various types of lighting plans. Ambient lighting is one such popular type of lighting which is widely used in commercial spaces and works for ensuring proper illumination.

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is often used as the primary lighting source in a space. It acts as the foundation of all other lights and ensures comfortable illumination and brightness levels. Hence, this type of lighting is primarily used as a gateway to clear vision.

What is the need of proper ambient lighting in commercial spaces?

Ambient lighting is highly influential in establishing the mood and feel of the space. Since commercial spaces need to ensure a productive, safe and comfortable working environment, office authorities are suggested to decide on efficient LED lighting solutions for their illumination needs. Here are some of the major reasons that assert the utmost need of ambient lighting in commercial spaces:

Promotes employee comfort, safety and wellness

Various researches claim that lighting conditions of a space can greatly affect the physiological and psychological behavior of the people. Appropriate ambient lighting (cooler light) ensures comfortable illumination levels without glares that further aids in building a productive environment. Elimination of glare ensures that employees are able to work comfortably in the space and do not experience any discomforts like eye strains, migraine or headaches.

Ensures higher productivity

Dull lighting conditions can often make employees feel lazy, inactive, and drowsy, leading to reduced concentration and motivation levels. This may eventually result in notable performance downfalls. On the other hand, ensuring proper illumination in an office space can drastically increase the concentration and alertness levels of the employees. As a result, they feel more energetic and are able to complete their work confidently. This eventually up-surges their overall productivity and efficiency levels.

Office authorities often use various luminaires like chandeliers, track lights, surface mounted luminaires, etc. for their ambient lighting needs. However, lighting experts believe that natural light serves as the best ambient light in office spaces. Thus, the leading LED lighting manufacturers have pioneered an innovative lighting solution known as Human Centric Lighting (HCL) that can emulate natural lighting conditions in an office space. For instance, inSync™ is a human centric lighting solution by Wipro Lighting that aims at creating a perfect synchrony of the mind, body and light to enhance the well-being and productivity of the employees.

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