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February 3, 2020
3 Application Areas and Benefits of Indoor Lighting

In today’s world, architects, interior designers and business authorities keep a stern focus on ensuring the well-being of the employees. Thus, indoor lighting has emerged as an integral part of all the commercial space designs in these modern times. According to the top commercial lighting manufacturers, proper indoor lighting ensures appropriate illumination, productive employee mood, and an alluring ambience. It facilitates smooth conduct of operations while providing a safe and comfortable working environment to the employees.

Here are some important application areas of indoor lighting:

1. Modern workspaces

Modern workspaces are very different from the conventional offices. They focus on integrating modern amenities and advanced technologies for establishing a connected, comfortable and productive work environment. Thus, they generally rely on smart indoor lighting solutions for their lighting needs. This helps in creating a perfect and harmonious ambience in all the spaces, including meeting rooms, leisure rooms, recreational rooms, corridors and cabins.

2. Hospitals

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are some of the sensitive public institutions that are essentially required to maintain a highly controlled environment at all times. Since lighting is known to influence the mood and behaviour of the people, it is important for hospital authorities to decide on appropriate indoor lighting solutions. As per the leading LED lighting manufacturers, hospitals typically rely on LED luminaires and LED accessories for their lighting requirements.

This is because LED lights are widely known to furnish clarity of vision. They do not emit heat or any type of radiation that is harmful for human health. Furthermore, they aid in creating a comfortable zone for the patients that encourages their wellness and ensures speedy recovery. These lighting solutions also assist doctors, staff and other healthcare professionals in efficacious examination. As a result, many healthcare facilities have laid their reliance on suspended luminaires and smart lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting for their illumination needs.

3. Educational institutions

The means of education have changed for good in the modern times and so have the institutions. Educational facilities are now equipped with all modern amenities like smart classrooms, smart boards, etc. that collectively enhance the learning experience of the students. However, it is the environment and the surroundings that governs the productivity and concentration levels of the students. Since lighting is the primary determinant of a comfortable and productive indoor environment, authorities typically invest on highly efficient indoor lighting solutions. For instance, many of them have installed suspended luminaires and recessed luminaires manufactured by Wipro Lighting as they furnish an environment that is conducive to learning.

Lighting traditionally served as an underrated element in the commercial buildings. However, people are now acknowledging the use of innovative smart indoor lighting solutions like Human Centric Lighting that promotes good health, productivity, and well-being along with efficiency and sustainability.

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