om Applications and Environmental Benefits of LiFi
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June 10, 2020
Applications and Environmental Benefits of LiFi

LiFi is a state-of-the-art technology that allows people to savour a secure network of high-speed wireless data via light. It is a high speed, bi-directional networked and mobile communication of data using light spectrum.

It can work with dimmed lights and achieve approximately 1000 times the data density of Wi-Fi, offering more data per square meter. Moreover, this smart lighting solution is also leveraged with various other benefits including energy efficiency, vital security, high data rate capability, and integrated networking capability. All these benefits make LiFi a highly practical and suitable lighting solution for a host of applications.

Here are some applications of LiFi technology in the modern world:

1. Urban environment

Dense urban areas are hugely dependent on artificial lighting for their illumination needs. Using LiFi in such areas can provide easy access to high-speed internet to people as they move in the environment. For instance, hotel authorities can install LiFi along the corridors, reception areas, and rooms in order to make high data rate downloads available to the guests. Moreover, since light waves do not propagate through the walls, guests and employees can get access to interference-free wireless communication.

2. Museums and galleries

Museums or art galleries typically exhibit artefacts, paintings, sculptures, etc. which are illuminated with accent lighting. Interestingly, concerned authorities can decide on LiFi technology to enhance the experience of their visitors. The top commercial lighting manufacturers assert that LiFi enabled lighting can provide localized information within the light. This will allow the visitors to download and view more information about the exhibit on their communication devices using the light used for illumination.

3. Smart office

The concept of smart office or modern workspace acknowledges technology integration and security significantly. Thus, LiFi automatically becomes a favourable choice. Since light cannot travel through the walls, LiFi signals can be secured within a physical space that helps in the formulation of a technologically-advanced and secure environment. Moreover, pureLiFi’s (a partner of Wipro Lighting) technology also enables additional control as the data can be directed from one device to another.

Environmental benefits of LiFi

LiFi not only helps in the development of a technologically-advanced environment but it is also loaded with a host of environmental benefits. Since it is a smart lighting solution that uses multiple LED luminaires, it ensures significantly low energy consumption and reduced electricity bills. LED lights are highly durable, deliver a longer service life, and ensure cost savings in the long run. Moreover, they do not contain any toxic elements or chemicals that makes their usage and disposal safe for the environment.

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