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May 31, 2022

What are The Benefits of Solar Street Lights in our Life?

Today, solar energy is gaining tremendous popularity among people as a dependable source of street lighting. The credit goes to its numerous benefits like conservation of energy, reduced costs, less reliance on the grid, etc. Some regions in India where there is an abundance of sunlight can definitely use this renewable power source to light up the streets efficiently. 

Moreover, Solar street lighting systems are operated on PV panels, inbuilt batteries, intelligent sensors, and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). These are integrated into a single compact unit. This makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor lighting solution. However, to reap long term benefits, one must have enough knowledge about solar street lighting and its advantages

What exactly is solar street lighting?

As the name suggests, solar street lights are powered with sunlight by using solar panels. These panels use solar power as an alternative source of energy. The solar panels are generally installed on the poles. They recharge the batteries that are further utilized to provide illumination during the dark. 

Currently, solar street lighting is designed to serve uninterruptedly with minimal intervention. Furthermore, they are appreciated for some commendable advanced features and are best suited for commercial and residential spaces as well.

Let's move ahead to discover some of the key advantages of solar-powered luminaires, especially street lights for creating a sustainable environment to live in.

Benefits of solar street lights 

Solar lights are green alternatives

Unlike traditional street lighting solutions, solar-driven street lights do not rely on the grid for energy. Rather, they work on the power provided by the batteries. Hence, during the blackouts, we can continue to see clearly on the road because of the healthy and bright illumination. 

Furthermore, solar is one of the leading renewable sources of energy in the world. And, utilizing it in the lighting structure will help curb light pollution. 

Cost-effective lighting solution

Another benefit of solar street lights is that it is cost-effective. There is hardly any difference between setting up an off-grid solar and a grid system. And, the best part is that it does not require the installation of meters for operation, as meters can affect the overall cost of the lighting structure. Also, trenching the grid power regularly can drastically increase the costs associated to run the whole circuit.

Other benefits of solar street lighting

  • Solar street lights are water-resistant and have a low glare and insect attrition rate.

  • With a smart lighting option, solar lights can automatically turn on sensing human body movements within a specific radius of the luminaire.

  • Solar street lights provide sufficient brightness to curb accidents and thefts.

  • These luminaires offer higher reliability and come with a longer life span compared to conventional lights.


The solar street lights can suffice the needs of communities to maintain well-being and get bright illumination during the dark. In fact, high-quality solar street lighting such as SolaRISE ™  from Wipro Lighting can boost the look of the city and provide an eco-friendly environment for people to live healthily. With higher reliability, longer life span, smart technology integration and modern design, this luminaire is perfect for the development of the cities and towns.

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