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June 7, 2021
Benefits of using LED lights for lighting campus

As the demand for college tuition continues to rise, so does the cost of running an educational institution. With big campuses, there are dozens of student facilities and miles of pathways that should be lit throughout the day. Due to the constant use of electricity, the lighting bills of universities exceed the allocated budget. That requires more money in lighting up the facilities instead of other crucial investments in education.

So it becomes essential for college administration to save electricity costs by installing energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. It decreases energy consumption and saves the cost of maintenance. A well designed hi-tech LED lighting system can provide safety and financial benefits for campuses. Apart from saving energy and going green, there are numerous other benefits of installing LED lights on college campuses.

Advantages of using LED luminaires for lighting college campus

LED lighting fixtures are more beneficial for saving energy and conserving the environment. These lighting solutions help a lot in maintaining campus security, providing better quality light, improving student safety, and giving facility managers a sense of peace that comes with purchasing long-lasting products.

Below are the best ways in which LED lighting can help universities and colleges to maintain the budget even while making the campus safe and secure.

Better CCTV resolution

In today's era, almost every university has closed-circuit television (CCTV) or security cameras installed in the campuses for safety purposes. However, there is no point in installing CCTV systems if the proper lighting is not in place. The whole security setup will be unusable and frustrating to view if there is not enough light.

Using older lighting technologies is not at all recommended because they not only increase the electricity cost but also provide low quality light in comparison to LEDs.

Financial saving

Using LED lights at educational facilities saves lighting utility costs and reduces maintenance expenses. Institutions that switch to LED lighting observe energy reductions from 40 to 60%. These luminaries have 50,000 to 100,000 hour of lifespan, which means the facility manager does not need to change lighting fixtures frequently.

Smarter facilities

Cost-savings and improved security can also be realized through building automation systems like occupancy sensors that can detect when anyone has entered the room or area. This allows lights in different areas, like classrooms, corridors, bathrooms to turn on when movement is detected and turn off when space is not being used.

Campus lighting has a significant impact on student success; LED luminaries are perfect for students to feel less distracted and safer. So, it is always recommended to use a high-quality lighting system in different areas of college campuses. 


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