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July 22, 2019

4 Ways Proper Lighting Enhances Warehouse Safety

Various scientific researches claim that poor lighting conditions can induce significant impacts on the workspace environment and employee health. It adversely affects the productivity, alertness and activeness of the employees that eventually reduces their overall efficiency. However, poor lighting in warehouses can lead to greater complications as it is directly linked with improper work management and compromised employee safety. 

Thus, it becomes essentially imperative for concerned authorities to invest in the right warehouse lighting solutions and follow warehouse lighting standards in order to protect both their employees as well as assets.

Here are 4 ways proper lighting enhances overall warehouse safety:

Minimizes work errors

Appropriate installation of warehouse lighting fixtures helps in creating a productive environment in the warehouse. It ensures that employees remain alert while executing their work which limits the scope of errors. Sometimes, employees are required to read small labels in order to maneuver goods from one place to the other. Thus, proper illumination ensures that the corridors and corners are properly lit and the chances of errors are significantly reduced.

Reduces loss and damage

Warehouses are generally used for storing manufactured (or to be transported) products and goods. Since they are extremely vital for the business, they need to be protected at all times. Low visibility and improper lighting can lead to damage and impairment of goods that can eventually result in loss in business. However, adequate lighting minimizes the scope of these errors and safeguards the goods and products from physical damage.

Maintains temperature

Warehouse lighting also contributes to the temperature of the place. While poor bulbs and lighting fixtures can cause temperature fluctuations in a warehouse, efficient commercial lighting solutions can help in maintaining the right temperature and keeping the place cool.

Protects employee force

As per the claims made by many lighting experts, poor lighting in warehouses adversely affects the eyesight of the employees. Though the damage can be temporary in nature, it can still cause problems with regards to their concentration. Furthermore, inefficient and inadequate lighting can also lead to headaches and poor posture among the workforce. In such a scenario, installing appropriate commercial lighting solutions is extremely important for the overall health of the employees.

A warehouse is a busy place that experiences working activities 24X7 in general. Be it the hustle-bustle of the employees or functioning of the heavy machineries, the place remains lively throughout the day. However, one small mistake or a wrong move can surge the risk of significant damage. Thus, it is extremely important to install efficient and smart lighting solutions that can enhance the productivity and safety of the employees in warehouses. These lighting solutions are powered with smart sensors and can provide wireless lighting controls along with energy analytics and asset tracking that can help in increasing the overall business profitability.

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