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July 28, 2018

Can LED Lights make our Highways Safer?

LED lights have come a long way since their invention in the 20th century. Be it the introduction of IoT or connected lighting; they have surpassed the limitations that conventional lighting solutions can never even reach with their setbacks.

Illumination is not the only aim of today’s LED lights; rather, they are overreaching other tasks such as improving the safety of public areas while contributing to the establishment of smart and empowered cities. One such area where LED lights can take their operations on a higher level by ensuring safety and security are highways.

There is no denial in the fact that India’s infrastructural growth has accelerated rapidly. However, the security of infrastructural projects like highways is as important as their development. Installing LED lights; thus, comes as a smart option, looking at their multi-featured characteristics. Below are some of the ways that LED lights prove that they can make our highways safer:

Improving Visibility

Undoubtedly the dominant feature of LED street light - improved visibility - provides clear vision to the commuters, making it easy for them to move safely. The street light poles that we at Wipro Lighting offer come in various designs and sizes that can meet the needs of urban as well as rural highways. They are known to maintain the uniform light beams with reduced glare, leaving no room for dark spots and dimly-lit areas on the highways.

Extending Life Hours

As the visibility increases on the highways, their usual life hours also increase. People feel safer on the well-lit highways, and their activities do not get affected by the fear of staying out in the dark. Overall, LED lights increase the safety of all commuters including drivers, riders and pedestrians as well.

Uninterrupted Operations with Lower Maintenance

Lighting fixtures on highways undergo extreme situations related to weather or any other environmental extremes. Over the time, such conditions may cause breakdown and degradation in their illumination capacity. However, if LED lights are installed on highways, they can withstand these conditions while giving the best performance as they are highly durable. Hence, in cases of environmental extremes, people can feel safer with LED lights as they offer superior performance.

Economical Option

Though this one is not a direct contributor to the enhanced safety of the highways, it can have a significant effect if one goes beyond the illumination-benefit that LED lights offer. Now, it is a known fact that municipal corporations have a limited budget that is allocated for the proper maintenance and development of the highways. There will be times when the authorities may be forced to cut down some resources to maintain the budget costs.

LED lights are famed for their energy efficiency. It means they consume half of the power as compared to conventional lighting systems. This makes them cost-effective. Moreover, as mentioned in the previous point, LED lights are also highly durable and need low-maintenance. All these cost-effective features can save money that can be utilized in improving other areas of highway safety like installing CCTV cameras.

Futuristic Technology

New-age LED lighting solutions have gone beyond the illumination by adopting the features of IoT. They can be easily integrated with smart lighting controls that can offer myriad of advantages. In a step towards this upgradation of lighting solutions, we have deployed smart lighting in some parts of North India. The outdoor lighting system is based on LPRF (Lower Power Radio Frequency) technology along with GPRS which provides various benefits including:

  • Maximum energy savings
  • Automatic handling of the lighting solutions
  • Improved safety, comfort and convenience

We at Wipro Lighting, understand the need for improved safety and security on the highways. That is why we offer smart LED lighting solutions that are IoT friendly and help in delivering high-quality illumination along with remote monitoring advantage. Moreover, our technologically advanced products also match up the environmental concerns and hence, contribute towards a safer and greener world altogether.

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