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June 28, 2018

Climate Change is Real, and We Need to Act on It!

We have all been reading about climate change for years, and what we do after that has not changed much. We read about the degradation of the environment, worry about the planet for a while and get back to our daily lives without taking any single step to make earth a better place to live.

Sure, nothing has changed much in our response to this issue. However, the climate is not the same as it was a few decades back. The degradation levels have risen, and the way extreme weather conditions are affecting different parts of the world, there is no denial in the fact that climate change is real and it’s high time that we must do something about it.

Be it the intense draughts in New Mexico, deadly cyclones in Oman or the fierce dust storms in Northern parts of India, the climate is giving us signs that something really bad is approaching. It is completely understandable that one can not be a part of a transformational wave that can reverse the damage done to the nature; however, single small steps and initiatives from an individual can bring about a positive change.

The smaller steps will solve issues which can later tackle the big issues waiting to drown the world in destruction. For instance, if one does not misuse electricity and rather starts saving, it will eventually lead to the conservation of natural resources such as water which is used to generate electricity. Below are some other small steps that all of us can take:

Become Energy Efficient

This is one of the easiest yet crucial steps that you can take to save the earth. Bid goodbye to conventional lighting and switch to LEDs as they are highly energy efficient. Moreover, they can be controlled via sensors; thus, saving costs as well. When buying new appliances, check for Energy Star label and purchase products accordingly. You can also install a programmable thermostat.

Manage Waste Properly

Trim waste by using less plastic bags and turn to environment-friendly products such as canvas or jute bags. Try to recycle things like paper, metal and plastic instead of throwing them into the dustbin. Keep organic and inorganic garbage separate and compost the organic one. It will also be valuable for your garden.

Green Your Commute

Transportation is one of the critical causes of greenhouse gas emissions, so try to use sustainable modes of transportation such as cycling and public transit or walking. One can also opt for carpooling or use a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Plant Trees

This is a simple and easy step which, if followed by the masses, can be great to bring positive change to the environment. Plant a tree and encourage others to do so. It will help in removing carbon dioxide from the environment and reducing ground-level ozone.

Indulge in Environment-Friendly Activities

Join initiatives that are working hard on finding solutions for climate change. You can also volunteer in events that aim at making earth a better place to live. After becoming an active member, you can also help others in understanding the need for action towards climate change and become a part of the community which aims at saving the nature.

Our Take on Climate Change

We at Wipro Lighting understood that climate change was real years ago and that is why we have launched products that are environment-friendly. Be it our indoor LED lighting, recessed lighting or floodlights, all of our products are highly energy efficient and work well with the environment.

Taking further leaps in our dedication towards a green world, we have come up with Force Green Concept which is an Eco-eye initiative. Under Force Green Concept, we are proud to state that we have illuminated 55 percent of India’s green buildings with our solutions. This step has resulted in saving up to 50 percent of the energy.

We aim at conserving natural resources through reuse, recycle and reduce policy. Not just this, but we also prevent pollution through effective control measures.

Climate change was once a distant reality, and we were not aware of the damage carbon and methane pollution can do to our planet. However, now that distant reality is our present, and we must act quickly to cope with the issue effectively.

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