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June 24, 2019
Emerging Trends in Lighting Technology

The lighting technology has constantly evolved with the advent of time. From the conventional incandescent bulbs to fluorescents and now LEDs, the technology has seen major modifications and taken some of the most unexpected turns. 

The world is experiencing a technological shift in this digital era, and so is the lighting technology. After all, who would have thought some time back that we’ll be able to control lights from our mobile devices?

Internet of Things (IoT) in Lighting Technology 

The applications of IoT are the cardinal information age elements that have modernized the machine to machine (M2M) communication domain. Lately, innovators have been integrating the power of wireless networking with lighting solutions, making digital lighting technology as a major participant in the IoT field. According to the leading LED lighting manufacturers, lighting is an ideal province for implementing IoT services with the installation of sensors, cameras and digital connections.

Innovative Trends in Lighting Technology

Being a consistent frontrunner for change, the lighting technology has seen tremendous transformation over the last few decades. Some innovative and emerging trends in the field of lighting technology include: 


Li-Fi is an innovative technology that allows people to experience a secure network of high-speed, bi-directional and wireless communication of data through light. It uses multiple LED lights to form a wireless network and allows data transmission by modulating the intensity of light. The data is detected and further demodulated into light. Li-Fi, is thus a smart and connected lighting solution which can work effectively indoors.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Human centric lighting, also known as HCL, is one of the latest additions to the innovative lighting solutions domain. Focused on well-being, enhanced productivity and comfort, HCL is an innovative lighting technology that maintains the biological as well as emotional health of the people. It works in harmony with the earth’s natural lighting cycle in order to provide the right light intensity. It can be programmed to emulate daylight in workspaces in order to provide employees with the right level of alertness at all times.  

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting uses Ethernet cables for powering smart luminaires (with unique IP addresses) and transmitting data between the luminaires and the controlling software. This functioning further empowers the user with the ability to program commands and modifications in the software.

PoE is a smart lighting solution which combines world-class LED luminaires with analog as well as digital controls to deliver the perfect lighting effect wherever needed. 

Integration of IoT in the field of lighting solutions is a major step towards a sustainable future and forms the core of various other innovative lighting technologies. It is making lighting healthier, safer and economically efficient.

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