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March 13, 2020

3 Extreme Application Areas of LED Luminaires

Light emitting diodes or LEDs are often referred to as one of the most sought-after lighting technologies of the 21st century. The leading commercial lighting manufacturers claim that these tiny lighting devices have successfully surpassed all their counterparts (incandescent bulbs, fluorescents, HID lamps, and metal halides) on all parameters like efficiency, lighting quality and durability.

Furthermore, LEDs have also excelled as the safest lighting appliance available in the market today. LED luminaires not only ensure safety of the people (employees) in commercial spaces but also encourage sustainability for the betterment of the environment.

In fact, the top LED lighting manufacturers suggest that LED luminaires can be regarded as the best-suited lighting solution for all the commercial spaces. As a result, these lighting solutions have paved their wayin major industrial and public sector verticals such as warehouses, educational institutions, hospital, retail facilities, etc. Not only this, LEDs have also gained preference in facilities that function in extreme conditions.

Here are some extreme application areas of LED luminaires:

1. High temperature facilities

Facilities like steel factories, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, etc. often generate a massive amount of heat and operate at extremely high temperatures. As a result, the ambient temperature near lights can reach as high as 190° Fahrenheit at some points. Thus, these facilities need highly specialized and customized lighting appliances that can withstand such extreme heat conditions. Fortunately, specialized LED products like LED High-bays and LED Floodlights can work perfectly well at such temperature areas.

2. NSF Environment

NSF environment like food and beverage plants have specific lighting requirements. According to the top industrial lighting manufacturers, lighting appliances installed in food processing facilities must provide high level protection against elements like airborne dust, steam, mist, oil, and other contaminants. Thus, the leading LED lighting manufacturers have developed NSF certified LED food processing lights with high Ingress Protection (IP) rating to meet all the stringent guidelines of the food grade luminaires.

3. Extreme outdoors

Extreme commercial areas like seaports and off-shore drilling platforms are vulnerable to corrosion menace due to their close proximity to the oceans. Salt water is corrosive in nature and often harms the lifespan of lighting appliances installed in these areas. Thus, such areas require a durable and long-lasting lighting solution. Luckily, LED pole lights and LED floodlights are some of the best outdoor LED lighting solutions that fit on all the parameters. They are often IP rated and typically safeguarded with anti-corrosive materials to ensure a long, durable life.

Apart from the above-mentioned application areas, lighting experts suggest that the installation of appropriate LED luminaires is also ideally suited in other hazardous and sensitive areas like gas stations, chemical factories, military bases, tunnels, etc.

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