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May 21, 2021

How can LiFi technology be penetrated in India?

LiFi or Light Fidelity is one of the best revolutionary technologies invented by Dr Harald Hass of the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. It has been 20 years since he is working in wireless communications and has achieved many laurels in the lighting industry. He coined and demonstrated the term Li-Fi in 2011 while he was speaking at TED talk Global. After that, Li-Fi was also listed among the 50 best inventions in TIME Magazine 2011.

This technology has the potential of transforming the way of accessing and transmitting data in offices, homes, and other places around the world. As per Prof. Hass, there are endless possibilities for LiFi in the Indian environment. The economy of India is rapidly growing with an increasing demand for digital services all over the country. Maximum services are consumed by mobile telecommunications and next-generation networks. But, a majority of India’s population resides in rural areas.

So, Prof. Hass kept two main options in front of Indian technology experts where LiFi can benefit India. These two beneficial pointers are noted below.

Linking rural communities with the internet

In today’s era, we cannot think of growth and development without the internet. Still, many rural parts of the country are away from the impact of digital technology. Using LiFi technology in rural communities can help to increase the penetration of the internet in rural areas.

However, the continuous supply of electricity is one of the biggest challenges in the way of upgrading India digitally. How to establish an internet connection in these areas where the availability of electricity is so random? Thanks to the Light Fidelity technology, it can combine with solar cells as receiver solutions that supply communication access to the rural areas. Hence, in this way, people living in underdeveloped and rural areas can enjoy a myriad of benefits that come along with the hi-tech internet technology.

Smart manufacturing

There are enormous growth opportunities, and the manufacturing units have great strength to accomplish the goals. But, the industries in India need correct technology and fruitful techniques that are offered by the LiFi technology. LiFi devices by Wipro Lighting, LiFi powered robots, and machinery can be used by factories to increase their capacity and production levels.

We know that trade and commercialization is the major source of growth for any economy. The opportunities for upliftment get doubled when it is powered by hi-tech technology like LiFi. pureLiFi, a company from Edinburgh, commercialized LiFi in India. Wipro Lighting has collaborated with the brand to provide high-speed wireless data transmission in different areas such as smart cities, homes, power plants, offices, etc. Furthermore, the country will witness a lot of advancement in other fields with the involvement of LiFi technology, and the economic and rural conditions in India will be improved.

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