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May 3, 2021

How human-centric light is beneficial for night shift workers?

Working night shifts are much more challenging than day shifts. It is of utmost importance for entrepreneurs to support staff working at night and boost productivity by choosing the right lighting solution. From drivers to night cleaners, from customer support executives to healthcare workers, every one in eight employees do their shifts between 9 pm and 6 am. So, optimum lighting set-up is a must. Using human-centric lights is one of the best options, as it keeps employees motivated and boosts their energy levels. It also increases the overall well-being of the workforce.

Exposure to intense light can boost employees’ sense of vitality and alertness during the night as well as daytime. Human-centric lights also put a positive effect on the mood of individuals, especially when there is little sunlight during winters or no sunlight during night shifts.

Wipro Lighting’s inSync™ Range of human-centric lighting is designed to create synchrony of the mind, body & light. These luminaires promote an individual’s well-being, mood and health and offer numerous benefits for night shift workers.

Lighting support

The economy and society need to have a 24X7 active workforce in some sectors, such as health care, transportation, BPO, telecom, etc. Using advanced lighting systems in these sectors is a must to help out employees working during unnatural hours. Human-centric lighting helps them to work efficiently and keeps them healthy.

Human-centric lighting uses a broad colour spectrum and a wide range of intensity for supporting an individual’s natural rhythms. These luminaires may aid our body clocks and help us feel alert when required. Hence, it improves our productivity and mood.

Improved productivity and safety

Employees working night shifts need a more well-lit environment in comparison to those working in the daytime. It helps the staff to stay alert and productive. Also, it reduces the chances of mistakes and accidents. If night shift employees are stimulated into an alert state during their shift, their body will slow down into a must-have sleep during the day.

It is a restorative off-duty sleep that is crucial for employees’ physical and mental health. It helps them to maintain a happy environment so that they can work safely and efficiently during working hours.

Cost of night shifts

Although working night shifts bring flexibility and more pay, research shows that working continuously at night can cost you more in the long run. It causes a disjoined lifestyle that impacts our already hectic family life and creates tension among family members. Even the World Health Organization has categorised it as a possible carcinogen because it affects the circadian rhythm.

So installing human-centric lights for night shift workers is highly recommended. It maintains the circadian rhythm that has a positive physiological and physiological impact on us.

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