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October 15, 2020

How to decide on the best area lighting?

Area lighting is a part of outdoor lighting offering specifically installed to illuminate large spaces like parking lots, stadiums, shipyards, manufacturing plants, heritage sites, etc. These lighting solutions are an integral part of urban planning and public infrastructure facilities that can help in accentuating outdoor spaces with the right levels of illumination. Moreover, they ensure safety of the people in vulnerable spaces and can enrich audience’s experience in places like sports stadiums.

Area lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. However, it is essentially important that you decide on outdoor commercial lighting strictly as per the needs and requirements of the space. For instance, industrial floodlights have always been one of the most popular choices when it comes to lighting vulnerable places like shipyards and manufacturing plants.

Here are some important points you should consider when deciding on area lighting solutions:

1. Energy efficiency

In order to light up large spaces, authorities are required to install multiple luminaires that deliver significantly bright illumination. Extended number of lights and bright illumination often results in excessive consumption of power that eventually results in surged electricity bills. Thus, it is always better to give preference to LED area light fixtures over traditional metal halides or high-pressure sodium lights (HPS). LED lighting solutions are currently the most energy efficient as well as the cost effective lighting option in the world.

2. Built

Area lights are typically installed in open spaces and remain exposed to harsh weather conditions. They are required to withstand strong winds, rainfall, harsh sunlight, and in some areas, heavy snowfall. Thus, one should always decide on luminaires that are strong and possess a robust build. For instance, consider Alpha floodlight LED by Wipro Lighting. It comprises of an aluminium die-cast housing and boasts of a rugged construction. Moreover, it is rated IP66, which means that it’s waterproof, dust-proof, and highly suitable for outdoor environment.

3. Durability

Illuminating large outdoor spaces is hectic and one does not wish to deal with untimely maintenance issues. Thus, always decide on lights that savour notable service life and remain functional for extended periods of time. Interestingly, LED luminaires boast a long operational life of almost 90,000 hours, more than any other lighting device.

Outdoor lighting has undergone significant improvements and modifications over a period of time. It has experienced various technological advancements that have not only improved lighting functionality but also enhanced ease of usability. Thus, you should always consider installing luminaires that are integrated or are compatible with cutting-edge lighting technologies like smart lighting controls.

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