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October 15, 2022

How to improve daylight optimisation at your workplace?

Natural lighting plays a crucial role in regulating our circadian rhythm. It influences our internal clock which plays a significant part in how we conduct our daily lives. To be specific, our internal clock, known as the circadian rhythm, controls what is commonly referred to as the sleep/wake cycle. And, proper illumination ensures that it adequately circulates chemical messengers such as cortisol present in the eye for positive physiological and psychological impacts. 

Furthermore, before the introduction of LEDs, electric light bulbs, and even electricity, our circadian rhythm was solely controlled by our natural environment. 

But today, we are all busy with our hectic schedules and hardly get enough time to walk in the sunlight. This is why they look for ways to maximise daylight in their working spaces. From integrating LED lighting solutions like  Human Centric Lighting to changing the interior or revamping the architectural design, they consider various aspects to accomplish daylight optimisation in their workspace. 

This write-up is all about exploring such tips to improve daylight optimization at your workplace. 

1. Consider wider floor plates

One of the effective approaches to follow when remodelling your workplace is to plan a layout with wide floor plates. The design includes zoning out darker areas of the space to easily convert them into a staircase, washroom, lift area, etc. This is done to utilise the building’s dimly lit areas for service operations efficiently. 

Furthermore, each floor plate is designed at 24 meters wide to easily space out different regions and emphasise the primary workstations to reap maximum benefits from the sun. 

2. Integrate more windows

More windows equal embracing the space with better natural lighting. Try to incorporate wide windows on every floor of your commercial building to ensure your employees reap the maximum benefits of the renewable energy coming from the Sun. This will help in leaving a positive impact on mental and physical health, creativity, and cognitive functioning. As a result, your employees will work productively to achieve organizational goals. 

3. Add Human Centric Lighting solutions

Human Centric Lighting or HCL is a great way to illuminate workspaces while regulating the circadian rhythms of the occupants l. 

Thanks to the upgrades made in the field of lighting technology, today we can add Human Centric Lighting into our indoor lighting systems to effectively regulate our biological clock for sleep and wake. 

You can avail of such illumination sources from top LED manufacturers in India like Wipro Lighting and integrate them with the help of lighting technicians. 

Considering these options will balance artificial and natural illumination by amalgamating mind,  body and light to the fullest. 

Besides, many businesses have already followed this tip to bring innovation and style into their working areas without compromising on the health concerns and requirements of their employees. 

4. Uplifting the space with Skylights

Another way to embrace natural lighting is by considering Skylights. A central atrium can be used as an alternative approach in deep floor plates to welcome daylight to flood the interior from above. Not only will it contribute to uplifting the ambience of the space but help in the efficient utilisation of the ceilings without building extra blocks or knocking on the premises. 

This strategy has been further expanded in corporate headquarters by staggered cut-outs in the centre atrium to enable even deeper light spills. 

Along with these, you can even go for solar lighting by installing solar panels on the terrace of your commercial building. It is one of the most energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthy ways to spread solar-powered luminosity throughout space. For this, you can consult with an architect or a lighting professional to seek personal guidance and customisations, if any are required. 

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