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January 8, 2021

How to Light Building Facade?

Facade lighting is an integral part of all types of building architectures, be it modern or traditional. It helps in highlighting the main and eye catchy features of the building and complements its overall night aesthetics with a composition of shadows, lights, and contrast. Thus, it is crucial that you install right facade lighting solutions for making your property the centre of attraction.

Here are some simple ways you can illuminate your building facade:

1. Light the recesses

Installing lights in the recesses is one of the easiest and simplest ways of accentuating building facades, especially when you’re unable to install lights on the exterior walls. Interestingly, this lighting approach works perfectly fine with all major types of facades. It is intended to light elements like windows and casements in the building with linear wall washers and linear LED light and keep the actually facade in dark. This helps in creating an interesting contrast pattern on the building. Though it is a highly common and effective approach in regular buildings, it may fail in proving desirable results in environments that are leveraged with bright ambient lights.

2. Install wall lights

Wall lights are one of the most common LED luminaires used as facade lights. They are directly installed on the exterior walls and emit narrow beams of light. They can be used for putting emphasis on the building’s symmetry or for creating interesting patterns like criss-cross lighting or up-down lighting. For instance, wall lights from Wipro Lighting ensure a glare free down light distribution and are highly appropriate for such kind of usage.

3. Illuminated from the ground

Lastly, you can illuminate the facade by lighting all recessed in-ground units. However, make sure that the luminaires emit with a wide beam of light since they’re installed very close to the building. You can consider outdoor lights like inground lights or flood lights by Wipro Lighting for the same.

Modern day buildings, typically in cities are equipped with various types of facades including solid facades, vertically divided facades, horizontally divided facades, or perforated facades. Since each of them has a distinct design, they may require different lighting approaches. For instance, solid facades can simply be illuminated with LED floodlights but the high brightness levels of the luminaire may result in significant loss of architectural details. Thus, make sure that your outdoor lighting solution complements your facades aesthetics and not whitewashes it instead.

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