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February 8, 2021

How to optimize Work Efficiency and Concentration with Lighting?

No matter how dedicated you are to your work, a minor disturbance can affect you in a manner that you can get pissed-off. We try to stay away from gadgets like mobile phones, blowing off a horn, giggles, loud music and everything else that hampers our concentration. But we sometimes ignore the most important element that affects our work effectiveness and efficiency and that is light. It is essential to sit in a well-lit area while working because you can end up with a headache while working in a dimly lit space for a long time. So, it is advised to have ample Indoor LED Lighting in the workspace so that you can be more productive.

You can boost your work rate by just changing the interior lighting solutions of your office or workspace. Some best ways to do so are mentioned in the pointers mentioned below.

1. Choose the right colour temperature

We can not ignore the light temperature while working. It is recommended to use cool white light between 3500K to 4000K while working to enhance visual comfort and contrast at the work desk. If your eyes are highly sensitive, you can select comforting yellow light between 2500K to 3000K.

2. Choose the right position for the source of light

Employees spending more time in front of the computer screen have to take more care of the right position of the light source. Ideally, the light source should come from behind instead of in beside or front because it can make the employees feel dizzy and lethargic. That’s the reason why companies prefer to use commercial hanging lights that give uniform light for a distance.

3. Use a proper number of light sources

There should be an appropriate number of office light fixtures so that the tasks can be done smoothly. It is always recommended to use commercial luminaires from reputed brands so that productivity does not get hampered. High-quality commercial luminaire fixtures provide uniform light that makes detailed work easier. Moreover, it is beneficial for computer-based work too.

These are some best ways to create a good and well-lit work environment. Using indoor light fixtures from Wipro lighting like - recessed luminaires, suspended luminaires, Mid-Bay and High-Bay lighting, and surface-mounted luminaires can be your best choice. Explore and choose a perfect lighting solution to make the workspace perfect for all types of working.

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