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January 17, 2023

Human Centric Light: Benefits and Areas of Application

Natural light is essential for human beings. Sunlight boosts Vitamin D, which is crucial for absorbing calcium, maintaining eye health and staying active throughout the day. Not only this, but natural illumination improves performance, stimulates vitality, and fights sadness. Additionally, it has an immediate effect on how much sleep you receive, which in turn has an impact on your general health and well-being.

Humans have adapted to coexist peacefully with the Earth's daily light cycle. Your body responds to the sunlight's transition from morning to night by changing how it shines. For instance, the morning sun awakens you while the evening darkness puts you to sleep.

Despite the fact that getting enough sunlight is good for your health, most people cannot spend entire days outside. This is where Human Centric Lighting comes in.  This modern LED lighting solution is a perfect blend of elegance, optimum performance and versatility along with regulating circadian rhythms. 

Let’s get more information on this natural lighting-mimicking luminaire and how it can benefit us all.

What is Human Centric Lighting?

HCL, commonly referred to as “circadian lighting,” is a type of indoor lighting system that promotes good health and well-being in people. The design philosophies of HCL focus on raising consumer productivity, happiness, and comfort. Tunable light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures, which are simple to alter to mimic sunlight, are used to create HCL. 

Furthermore, tunable LED lights (CCTs) include multiple correlated colour temperatures.

Working- As the light enters your eyes, the hypothalamusregulates circadian rhythms with the help of chemical messengers like cortisol. Continuous stimulation of the same ensures positive psychological and physiological effects. 

Benefits of Human Centric Lighting 

There are numerous advantages of installing HCL in spaces, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Improves productivity 

HCL is a great substitute for daylight as it positively impacts mental health and boosts cognitive performance. It also increases alertness and helps occupants stay relaxed during hectic schedules.

2. Better sleeping habits

It is observed that daytime exposure improves sleep quality. Participants exposed to low morning light levels slept less soundly and took longer to fall asleep than workers who received high morning light levels.  

3. Visual acuity

It nurtures uniformity and provides the right level of illumination. As a result, there is a clearness of vision for better performance.

Along with it, Human Centric Lighting provides appropriate illumination, which enhances the perception of the designed environment.

Human Centric Lighting by Wipro lighting; What we have to offer?

Our product creates an environment by amalgamating mind, body and light. This revolutionary luminaire plays a vital role in maintaining circadian clocks by making the atmosphere “just right for you.”  

It can be placed anywhere throughout the premises. From industries to workplaces and commercial buildings, different spaces can be equipped with HCL to maximise efficiency while paying attention to the health and safety of the employees. Furthermore, it works on PoE, Dali, and Bluetooth for better connectivity. With such options available, it can help transform your space into a more sustainable, bright, and advanced place for everyone to work comfortably and maintain their work-life balance easily. 

Our HCL is For People

Now creating a glare and stress-free environment is possible through our HCL solution. Several lighting professionals suggest integrating HCL by Wipro Lighting as it focuses on the visual, emotional and behavioural aspects of the occupants and helps  skyrocket efficiency at work.

You can explore our product here

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