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November 25, 2022

Importance of Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights are crucial for any space. Be it a retail store, workspace, industrial building, monument, healthcare facility, etc., there is emergency LED lighting at exits. 

That said, it is imperative to have appropriately functioning emergency LED lights to provide adequate illumination at the time of crisis due to fire or any other accident. Needless to say, lighting professionals and architects also emphasise the practice of installing emergency luminaires in an establishment to ease the panic and chaos created during a stressful situation. 

To be more clear and specific, we have curated a list of some points worth looking at to help you realize the significance of emergency lighting for the betterment of business as well as society.

Why Emergency Lighting is Important?

1. Immediate impact

The first and foremost advantage of emergency LED lights is that they are instantly effective due to the utilisation of a battery-powered lighting system. There is no need to wait for the lights to turn back on or experience any initial uncertainty. 

2. Support Firefighters

In case of fire, emergency lights will help firefighters reach their destination because, for the most part, when they enter a structure, they won't be familiar with its layout. Having LED emergency lights will ease the process and provide clear and low-glare illumination. This way,  they will be able to reach individuals who require help more safely, thanks to the lights.

3. Minimises Anxiety and Stress

Dark, smoke-filled hallways can start panics that result in stampedes, confusion, more injuries, and even deaths. Installing modern LED lighting to help find the escape route can be beneficial here for occupants to follow and leave the building without anxiety or stress. 

Types of Emergency Lighting 

1. Maintained

This device functions like a standard light but, in the event of a power outage, switches to a battery-powered output and continues to operate until the main power is turned back on.

2. Non-maintained

Non-maintained luminaires turn on when the main outdoor and indoor lighting systems fail due to a power outage. Furthermore, the device is only powered by the main power supply for charging purposes. This device will only come on if a power outage renders the primary lighting system inoperable. Only the charging function of this device is powered by the main power supply. 

3. Combined 

Two distinct lights are included in the combined units. One of those lights receives daily power from the regular power source, while the emergency light inside the unit is powered by the backup power source. Depending on the situation, this system can either be "maintained" or "non-maintained."


There is no denying that emergency lighting is a necessity for every space. If you haven't installed the same, waste any time doing so. Furthermore, choose the best luminaires from the top commercial lighting companies like Wipro Lighting to rest assured of the quality, effectiveness, functionality and long operation of the LEDs. 

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