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January 9, 2023

Important Considerations for Lighting in Retail Stores

Interior design and LED lighting are no longer considered to be independent aspects of a design. Brands are vying for consumers' attention in an environment of increased business competition by appealing to all of their senses. Since our eyes get 80% of all sensory data, lighting is the sense that directly affects our moods. From a retail standpoint, lighting draws attention to architectural features, enhances the attributes of products, and creates virtual places. This has an impact on how we feel in a place, how we feel about a product, and whether or not we decide to buy it. 

Significance of LED Lighting in Retail Stores

Retail lighting goes much beyond just creating a pleasant environment. The way lighting is used in a retail setting has the ability to greatly affect the way customers are treated. Studies reveal that a store's lighting layout can persuade a passerby to make a purchase. Thoughtful lighting can influence consumers' decision-making processes. Therefore, it makes sense for shops to be aware of the lighting that will best highlight their product lines. New technologies, such as LEDs, allow full integration of lighting into any architecture, greatly expanding the possibilities for illumination.

How to Select the Right Luminaires for Retail Lighting?

With multiple options flooding the market, opting for the most suitable LED light fixtures can be a daunting task. Here we have listed some important considerations that will help you select beneficial LEDs and light up your retail store to maximise sales:

Choose the proper brightness & tone to set the ambience

Brightness and tone are the two metrics used to evaluate light bulbs. As you might guess, brightness refers to how brilliant the light is, whereas tone describes the hue of the light, which is related to its temperature.  

Brightness: Lumens, a measurement of the total amount of visible light emitted by a light source per unit of time, are used to describe brightness when looking for bulbs. Lumens and brightness have a straightforward relationship: The higher the lumens, the higher the brightness.

Tone: You should look for the kelvin number associated  with the outdoor and indoor LED lighting to determine the tone, or colour temperature, of the light. ‘The light will have a cooler tone as the number rises and a warmer tone as the number falls.’

 Make sure to keep these in mind while buying LEDs.

Different types of retail lighting

It is important to stay updated about various lighting solutions to plan an efficient and optimal outdoor and indoor lighting system at the store. 

Accent, decorative, ambient, and task lighting are the four types of lighting that must be included to create a unified lighting strategy. 

Accent Lighting: It is used to draw attention to certain items or important regions by emphasising their relevance. By making featured items or locations more visible or prominent, it aids in directing customers to them. 

Decorative Lighting: Lighting components that are more decorative in nature than functional are included. It can be utilised to adorn your area, make a striking display, or improve the atmosphere of your establishment.

Ambient Lighting: The primary source of illumination for your business is ambient lighting, which also serves as the foundation for other types of retail store lighting. Generally speaking, ambient lighting will establish the overall atmosphere of your room by illuminating crevices and offering uniform visibility. 

Select the fixtures

The majority of retail store lighting includes a number of various fixture types and bulb types to evenly distribute light around the room.



Surface mounted

Flush light panel

Track lighting, etc.

These are some of the highly used lighting sources used by top lighting professionals while planning retail lighting strategy. You should also consider them to attain the desired look and feel of the space.

Furthermore, choosing the best LEDs from reliable LED manufacturers in India is another point to rely on. With the trust of quality, assurance, a longer life span, and eye soothing, Wipro Lighting offers a wide range of luminaires to brighten every nook and corner of your retail store. 

Explore our products to embrace technology into your space and become sustainable to benefit the community as well. 

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