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May 28, 2018

Indoor Architectural Lighting Tips

Think of those buildings you gaze at every day while going to work. The mere look at those gorgeously lit buildings makes you want to work there. That’s the power of lighting. That’s precisely how right lighting brings value to any work of architecture and plays a vivacious role in the way people understand and experience it. Lighting plays an important role in uplifting the mood of any area and simultaneously the people working in there. We at Wipro Lighting, understand the importance of indoor architectural lighting and hence have gathered these tips that ensure amazing results.

Create a Focal Glow

Just like a painter, lighting designers also start with visual imagination when looking for elements that can define a space as visually appealing. They start with creating a focal glow. Why? Because it helps draw attention and pulls together diverse parts of the space. Any space without a focal glow is like a camp without a campfire. This act of illumination plays a pivotal role in the lighting design and creates a brighter and richer look. Whether through pendant lighting or task lights, a focal glow must be present in any space to enhance its appeal.

Work on Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is as important as focal glow. It efficiently illuminates the entire space, creates a sense of safety among those working in the space and offers uniform illumination throughout. Ambient lighting is usually reassuring, restful and relaxes the nerves. It is important to plan ambient lighting, whether creating a new structure or altering an old structure to meet new needs. Recessed lighting is the best bet when looking for indoor LED lighting solutions to evenly illuminate a space. We at Wipro Lighting, have a wide variety of LED recessed lights that help in creating the perfect environment for those occupying the space.

Think About the Colour Temperature

When lighting a space, think about those who will be using that area daily. Decide on the colour scheme and colour temperature of the lamps that might work best and bring life to the space. As a rule, 3000K is a warmish colour temperature, and 4000K is neutral white, and both are well tolerated in a working environment. Another thing to keep in mind is the geographical location. For those living in a warm country like India should favour cooler colour temperature to alter brain’s perception in thinking it’s not as hot as it is. Trust us, it works! Similarly, those living in areas with a cold climate should follow a reverse approach and prefer 3000K to make the space feel cosier and warmer. It should not just be about lighting but also about people who will be using it.

Think of Diming and Controls

A smart control system should always be a part of the design process in this age of flexible working hours and energy concerns. Using lighting control system will not only give the people working in any space the option to set scenes but also a greater control over the work environment. Furthermore, occupancy sensors work towards saving energy by automatically switching off the lights when they do not detect any presence in the room. Alternatively, they also automatically turn on lights, once presence is detected.

Think About Health and Well-being

The final element to consider when designing a space is the health and well-being of those who will spend most of the time within it. We at Wipro Lighting have energy-efficient LED luminaires so that daily tasks whether indoors or at night are carried with ease. Remember, a space doesn’t need lighting, the people living in it do. So, the bottom line is to think about the user and certify that the light not only enhances the space but also ensures that all relevant tasks are completed comfortably and safely.

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