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January 22, 2021

inForm Lighting: A nature inspired technological marvel

Workspaces in the 21st century are changing rapidly with the advent of time. The work culture is becoming more and more demanding and the working styles tend to extend beyond the boundaries of time and space. Thus, the need for agile and dynamic workspace environments is more than ever. This has put screws on the concepts of modern workspaces and modern workspace lighting that not only ensures smooth workflow but also comprehends health and wellness of the employees.

Modern workspaces are highly focused on complementing productivity of the employees. Thus, they rely on commercial indoor lighting solutions that enhance mood and increases motivation levels of the workforce. One such interior lighting solution is the inForm lighting.

inForm lighting is an architectural marvel, a high performance technical lighting solution that is intended to complement visual, emotional, and psychological behaviours of the employees. It includes a collection of suspended luminaires that align perfectly with modern interior designing concepts and styles. Moreover, it is available in various forms, shapes and colours and boasts the trust and credibility of one of the leading LED lighting manufactures in the country, Wipro Lighting.

Features and Benefits of inForm lighting

inForm lighting is an elegantly designed range of suspended luminaires that boast uncompromising and unparalleled design ethos. They aid in the development of a dynamic and flexible working environment that fosters efficiency and creativity simultaneously. For instance, it provides the user with the freedom of defining spaces, ideas, and ambience as per the requirements and needs.

Here are some of the features of inForm lighting:

• Superior Optics

The range of luminaires is equipped with superior quality optics that helps in controlling glare and ensuring precise beams. It also provides the user with multiple options of different beam angles.

• Modern styles and superior finish

The inForm range of lights are unarguably one of the most stylish indoor lighting solutions for commercial spaces. They not only boast a robust build but also spectacular finishing that adds zing to the space.

• Ease of Installation

The inForm range of luminaires are fairly easy to install. For instance, they can be mounted easily on true ceilings with the help of a suspension wire of up to one meter.

inForm lighting is a perfect choice for collaborative workspaces and open ceiling office spaces. They blend seamlessly in the new-age interior designs and enable the users to use lighting for collaborating, communicating, and inspiring.

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