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June 25, 2018
LED Lights - The Silver Lining of Jewellery Stores

A jewellery store means so much more to the customers who enter it with big expectations. They could be looking for a wedding ring or an anniversary gift for their parents; each one with their own celebrations and festivities. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the jewellery stores to offer an ambience that is both welcoming and relaxed.

While there are various factors that can enhance the ambience, none can add a silver lining the way lighting does to a jewellery store. Perfect lighting not only illuminates the store but also creates a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere that boosts the mood of customers as well as the employees. However, achieving perfect lighting is not an easy task. There are plenty of lighting solutions varying from pendant lighting to recessed lighting with each one of them having different functions. One needs to have knowledge about the suitable lighting solutions and how to utilize them to get the best output.

To help you understand the basics, here is a brief lighting guide offering important tips and suggestions on what kind of lighting solutions should be opted for specific spaces in a jewellery store. Read on!

Display Window

They say that the first impression is the last impression. While we cannot generalize the statement, but this one does matter when it comes to jewellery stores. The display window is an area which attracts customers by a mere look. Hence, one needs to put special emphasize while choosing lighting solutions for this area. To grab the attention of the customers, one can play with a creative mix of displayed products and the interior. Spotlights and recessed lights are perfect for display windows as they offer great visual details while keeping contrast on the windows intact. The high contrast creates an interest that can encourage and make the customer enter the shop.

Billing Desk

Another crucial area in the jewellery store is the billing desk which needs effective illumination that keeps up with the aesthetics of the surroundings and also improves the productivity of the employees. Pendant lighting can be used in this area to bring an aesthetical touch and infuse a stylish yet elegant atmosphere. If there is a table showcasing jewellery near this area, warm ambient lights can work magic in giving a comfortable feeling to the customer and they might a few more items to their shopping bag.

Light for Gold

Lighting options not just depend on the area but also on the products they are supposed to illuminate. One cannot use same LED lights for all types of jewellery. Gold, for instance, reflects light like a mirror and hence if small LED lights are directed at gold jewellery, the sparkle can create disturbance. To avoid this, one should choose luminaires that offer wide light distribution and give a natural illumination. It is advised that one should use a warm colour of light, around 3000 K, as it works great for illuminating gold jewellery.

Silver, Chrome and Glass

Unlike gold; silver, chrome and glass jewellery need natural white light or colder light from 4000 K or higher, for attractive illumination. One can also use blue filters to enhance the icy feel of the glass jewellery. As they also reflect, choosing a combination of wider light distribution can be a good option. There are various brands in the market like Wipro Lighting that offer aesthetical LED lights that are in sync with the modern technology and give the best possible output.

Good lighting not just adds a dramatic touch to the interior of a jewellery store but also affects the mind of the customers. It makes them stay longer in the store and lead to higher sales and profit. Moreover, if one opts for LED lighting solutions, they can also cut costs as LED lights are highly energy-efficient.

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