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January 26, 2018

LED Recessed Lighting - A New Dawn in Office Lighting

It is the 21st century and everything has undergone a drastic change. Even the lighting solutions have upgraded effectively. LED technology, for instance, has transformed the lighting industry with its high energy efficiency and longer lifetime. Today, LED lights are being used everywhere, and their application range from residential to commercial.

One of the mostly used LED lighting solutions that are becoming the trends of the times is recessed lighting. It is a light fixture that is installed into the ceilings or walls. Available in various styles and designs, recessed lights create an effective ambience and are quite popular for commercial, office, and retail spaces.

Going back to its introduction in the lighting industry, the first recessed lighting was developed in the 1950s in Detroit, Michigan. Since then, this lighting solution has evolved a lot and is now being offered in designs that cater to different choices of the customers. Its amalgamation with LED technology has also boosted its demand in the market.

We at Wipro Lighting, offer award-winning LED recessed lighting that can bring a new dawn in office lighting. Here are some of the benefits of installing LED recessed lighting in office which also explain the reason behind its growing admiration:

  • Aesthetical Amplification
    Versatile in nature, recessed lighting can be used in various ways. Whether one wants to use it as ambient lighting or spot lighting, it works best for all. Also, as recessed lighting fixtures come in various shapes, finishes and colours, they can be used according to the aesthetical appeal of the office interior.
    Perfectly installed recessed lighting can accentuate cabins and workstations while giving the workplace a sophisticated and stylish look. They are also best to highlight artwork and create dramatic shadows for a quaint ambience.
  • A Spacious Look
    The second advantage is quite a significant reason behind its fame. Recessed lighting creates an illusion that a space is larger by enhancing visual view of the room. It happens because they are fixed into the ceiling and do not interrupt the visual view which often happens with pendant lights. In addition to this, they emit a soft subtle glow, which apparently blurs the boundaries of the room making it look more spacious.
  • The Floating Lights
    Recessed lighting fixtures are lightweight and never hinder the look of the ceiling. These are not tied to the ceiling, and hence it seems as if they are floating above. This floating light illusion gives the room perfect lighting and accentuate the ambience of the workplace.
  • Versatility Coupled with Efficiency
    It is not just its versatility but also the efficiency that makes recessed lighting a good choice for office interior. Recessed lighting solutions are highly energy efficient and have a longer life span. They also provide dimming effects that are quite easy to operate. For instance, our specially designed LED recessed lighting fixtures ensure up to 60% of energy savings and have a long service life, and installing them is a smart step.

The Final Verdict

The innovation of recessed lighting can suit any décor and make it look appealing to the eyes. This is one of the reasons why many offices are installing it and bringing a new look to their modernistic architecture.

At Wipro Lighting, we have come up with LED recessed lighting fixtures after thorough research and development. As lighting has always played a vital role in boosting the productivity of a workplace, our recessed lighting provides visually appealing and comfortable ambience for the employees.

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