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February 11, 2021

LEDs and Health: Myths you should stop believing

As the usage of LED lights is increasing rapidly, there are some myths or mischaracterization about it that are revolving around it. Some people believe that there are some adverse effects of LED Lighting on their health and they should either discard or minimize the use of LED illuminators. But these myths are nothing more than false statements. Let’s discuss some highly circulated myths about LED accessories on our health.

LED lights are not good for the eyes

One of the biggest folk tales about LED lights is that they are not safe for our eyes. But do you know these lights are even used in medical science for conducting many health therapies? It is because LED luminaries do not contain ultraviolet ray-like other forms of lights. So, this myth about LED is fake and you should keep on using it in both interior and exterior lighting designs.

LED lights have toxic materials

If you are buying LED luminaries from trustworthy brands like Wipro Lighting then, you don’t need to worry about such toxic materials. The best part of LED bulbs is that they can be recycled easily as compared to fluorescent lights, such as - CFLs. Fluorescent bulbs contain harmful materials like mercury and need special facilities and set-up to get recycled. Moreover, LEDs are cost-effective in the long run, compared to other types of light available in the market.

All LED lights emit too much bright white light

Yes, it is true that when LEDs were newly launched, it was way too bright, but there is nothing like that now. Every passing day brings improvement in different domains. The same happened with LED lighting. It has been highly modified, the myths that LEDs cause heart problems were true to some extent with first-generation LEDs. The secret about LEDs is that it contains blue light that naturally occurs in the sunlight. This light does not harm us if used appropriately. Also, the bright light makes you feel safe in the office, on the streets and at home.

LED lights for industrial use are highly recommended because they not only just enhance visibility but also elevate the mood of workers and help in workplace productivity. There are a wide variety of LED lights available in the market. You can choose it according to the requirement of the colour temperature for your industrial lighting fixtures. So, forget these myths and use LED lights by Wipro Lighting. We offer lighting solutions for all commercial lighting needs, such as - modern workspaces, industries, outdoor, transport infrastructure, retail, and educational sectors and so on.

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