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March 23, 2018

Lighting Basics for Small Scale Manufacturing Industries

The tap of industrialization that touched the economy of the world back in the 19th century has not lost its momentum even after hundreds of years. The rapid rise and the emerging market demands are paving the way for new industries to establish themselves by creating new products.

However, setting up a whole new manufacturing unit is no less than an uphill climb. Whether the manufacturing unit is big or small, there are ‘n’ number of factors that are gathered together to get the best output. This article will talk about one such factor, i.e., lighting and its vital role in the productivity of manufacturing industry.

Over the years, industrialists have understood the importance of good lighting and hence are looking for various lighting solutions that not only enhance the performance but also stay good on a budget. This is especially the case of small-scale manufacturing industries which are now turning to smart lighting solutions for getting higher efficiency rate.

To understand further how such industries can utilize the power of lighting, here is a guide explaining some of the lighting basics for small-scale manufacturing Industries.

Types of Fixtures for Small-Scale Manufacturing Plants

We at Wipro Lighting, understand the role of lighting and how it should be utilized to give the best possible illuminance without hampering the performance of the employees. Thus, we offer a host of various lighting fixtures that are suited for varied needs at manufacturing units.

High-Bay and Mid-Bay Luminaires

Designed for tall ceilings covering large areas, these luminaries are ideal for small-scale manufacturing units as they produce less heat and stand up to dusty particulates. The High Bay LED lighting that we offer is known for its high-efficiency chip on board (COB) LEDs, and high purity anodized 120˚ aluminium reflector that offer superior performance. Some other features are:

  • Aluminium heatsink with 3D heat dissipation
  • SMD LEDs with high lumen output and up to 55% of energy savings
  • IP65 protection
  • Zero maintenance
  • IS 10322 part5/Sec 1 1987 comply

Flood Lights

As the name suggests, floodlights flood an area with light. This type of lighting fixture is highly useful in ensuring a well-lit outdoor area of the manufacturing plants. Moreover, the effective illuminance of floodlights also helps in maintaining safety. Some of its features include:

  • IP66 Protection
  • Integral control gear compartment with connector
  • High purity polycarbonate Lenses for superior performance

Pendant Luminaries

A manufacturing unit also has personalised places and spaces where the usual industrial luminaries cannot work effectively. This is where pendant lighting comes in the picture. A pendant lighting provides uniform distribution of light that drives the performance of the employees and boosts productivity. It also brings a modern touch to the area that creates a pleasant work environment. Some of the specifications of our pendant luminaries are:

  • Conform to IS 10322 part 5/ Sec 1 1987
  • Special translucent satin finish colour LED PMMA diffuser
  • Polycarbonate diffuser
  • Low wattage high-efficiency LEDs

Cleanroom Luminaires

If the manufacturing industry deals with pharmaceutical products, installation of cleanroom luminaires becomes quite essential. Our cleanroom luminaries are designed with the best technology that offers pure light, are easy to clean, dust free and leaves no room for errors. Some highlights of Wipro Cleanroom Luminaires are:

  • Mounting system using specially designed knob with thrust pad
  • High efficacy LEDs
  • High performance LED driver
  • IP65 protection

Why LED Technology?

When planning to install new lighting in the manufacturing unit, opting for LED Lighting solutions is highly recommended. We at Wipro Lighting, offer a vast range of LED fixtures that suit all the requirements of a manufacturing unit. LEDs not only provide efficient illuminance to the industry but also make it future-ready. Here are some of the reasons why LED technology is best for small-scale manufacturing industries:

  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Highly Durable
  • Increased Safety Due to Better Illuminance
  • Easily Integrate with IoT

Looking at the tremendous popularity of LED lights, there is no denial in the fact that it is the future of lighting industry. Our smart and connected solutions are designed with strong technology that focuses on various factors such as the space optimization, hot-desking, improved productivity and effectiveness, continuous improvement, and operational excellence.

To help our customers make the best of our LED products, we, at Wipro Lighting have also set up a team of highly qualified and well-experienced Lighting Design Professionals and Application Experts. These professionals understand the customers’ requirements and then guide them to get optimum lighting solutions.

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