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May 16, 2020

Lighting Technologies that Encourage Energy Efficiency

The modern-day world is leveraged with several global concerns like natural resource depletion and energy crisis, promoting the concept of energy efficiency as one of the biggest needs of the hour. Fortunately, all the industries and commercial sectors are now working to achieve their business goals while providing necessary care towards environment and sustainability.

Various studies assert that commercial buildings and infrastructure consume a substantial amount of electricity for their lighting needs. Fortunately, concerned authorities are nowadays encouraging the use of energy efficient lighting technologies in order to bring down the total electricity consumption in the buildings. Furthermore, they are also promoting energy efficient practices in their operations and functionality.

Here are some of the lighting technologies that encourage energy efficiency:

1. LED lighting solutions

The lighting technologies have evolved to become more and more energy efficient with the advent of time. Incandescent bulbs were the first generation of lighting appliances that were gradually replaced by compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in the late 90’s. However, CFLs were soon overshadowed by an innovative lighting technology known as the light emitting diodes or LEDs.

The leading LED lighting manufacturers assert that LED lighting solutions are unarguably the most efficient lighting appliances in the current world. For instance, LED based products from Wipro Lighting are nearly 80% more energy efficient and furnish better quality of light as compared to incandescent bulbs, CFLs, or any other lighting devices. Furthermore, they also have a long service life of almost 50,000 hours which increases their efficiency as well as sustainability quotient.

2. Solar lighting

With sustainability attracting a lot of attention, governing bodies are encouraging business verticals to use renewable energy for fulfilling a majority of their energy needs. This will not only reduce a business’s reliance on thermal power but will also a huge step in favour of achieving energy efficiency goals. This is where solar lighting solutions can come into play. Solar lighting is typically a self-sufficient lighting solution that converts sunlight into energy and stores (eventually uses) it for illuminating the LED luminaires. Interior solar lights, outdoor solar LED lights, etc. are some of the products offered by the leading commercial lighting manufacturers in the current times.

3. Smart lighting controls

Smart sensors like dimmers, motion sensors, etc. are widely regarded as one of the best appliances that favour energy efficiency. They are smart lighting devices that detect occupancy for controlling the illumination level and power of the luminaires. As per the top industrial lighting manufacturers, a combination of LED lighting solutions and smart lighting controls can make a huge influence on the energy efficiency quotient of the space. For instance, smart lighting controls by Wipro Lighting can bring down the energy consumption by almost 35% in commercial spaces.

Moreover, rising energy concerns have also motivated the governing bodies and civil authorities to take energy efficient measures for public places. Hence, they are deciding on smart street lighting solutions and smart outdoor lights for illuminating the public spaces.

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