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August 10, 2020

Luminaire Comparison: LED floodlights vs. Halogen floodlights

Floodlights are big and powerful luminaires that are primarily used to illuminate large (both open and closed) commercial spaces like warehouses, shipyards, stadiums, etc. They are highly versatile in nature and are also installed to illuminate building facades and billboards on many occasions. They typically fill up the whole space uniformly with a broad-beamed and high intensity artificial light, thereby ensuring uniform flow of light and creating a wide beam spread, ranging from 25 degree to 120 degree.

Before the advent of LED technology, people were leveraged to use halogen floodlights. Though they were powerful and ensured required illumination, they came with various cost and safety concerns. This is the primary reason why people have gradually shifted their reliance entirely on LED floodlights.

Here is a quick comparison between LED floodlights and Halogen floodlights:

1. Functionality

As the name suggests, LED floodlights make the best use of the revolutionary LED lighting technology. They produce light by passing electricity through the semiconductor material (LED). On the other hand, halogen floodlights work on similar principles like incandescent bulbs. They use halogen gas and tungsten filament to produce illumination.

2. Cost

LED lights have always been subject to misconceptions with respect to their price as many people consider them to be expensive than their counterparts. Though there is a pinch of reality to this, one cannot ignore the savings aspect comprehended by LEDs. While LED floodlights are more expensive than Halogens, the claim that they allow users to save a substantial amount of money in the long run. They ensure notable savings on electricity and maintenance bills and guarantee a higher return on investment. Interestingly, the initial price of LED luminaries has also experienced a gradual drop over the period of time.

3. Efficiency

LED floodlights are currently the most efficient flood lighting solutions in the world. They deliver supreme and long lasting performance at a significantly lower cost. For instance, they have better lumen per wattage proportion. This means that they consume lesser amount of energy to deliver the same light output when compared to all their traditional counterparts.

4. Safety

Though halogen floodlights are capable of furnishing required illumination, they are leveraged with multiple safety concerns.They emit a high amount of heat and can reach extremely high temperatures in a short period of time. This eventually harms a luminaire’s life and can make employees vulnerable to burns and injuries. On the other hand, LED floodlights are powered with better thermal management systems. They convert almost 95% energy into illumination and waste only 5% as heat. This makes them highly safe with respect to employee health and safety.

Moreover, LED floodlights are more durable than halogens. They can deliver a long operational life of almost 50,000 hours while halogens last for around 2000hours only.

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