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January 20, 2023

Luminaries Comparison: LED Floodlights and LED Streetlights

Today, there are numerous options available in the market to brighten the outdoor spaces of your commercial building or industrial area. However,  it can be challenging to determine which one is best for you. 

An LED floodlight is perhaps the appropriate choice if you need a bright light that can illuminate a large area. Otherwise, we advise purchasing an LED street light if you'd prefer to have something more aesthetically pleasing or that performs better at night than during the day. 

But what exactly are flood lights and street lights? Which will benefit you more and when and in what conditions should you  place them? Such questions must be on your mind right now, right? No worries, we have answers to such queries and have tried to briefly explain them  in this blog. 

Let's move forward to know the difference between LED floodlights and LED streetlighting solutions.

Application of LED Floodlights and Streetlights

LED Floodlights

LED floodlights glow consistently in all directions. They provide a wide beam that can be utilised to illuminate a variety of surfaces and places.

1. Construction sites and manufacturing facilities: Industrial facilities require high-intensity lighting systems for a variety of procedures. The majority of these machines operate continuously, which intensifies the demand for optimum lighting which can be provided by the right LED Floodlight.

2. Ports: Another important application for floodlights is in ports. Such venues demand the most lighting at night because they are open 24 hours a day.

3. Exterior Lighting: The façade of a building is among its most crucial components. The building's front is the part that confronts the street. To emphasise such regions, several lighting approaches are used with outdoor flood lights

4. Architectural structures and landmarks: An area's value is increased by architectural structures and monuments. Some of these buildings serve as symbols of national pride and culture. These buildings are illuminated at night with floodlights, accentuating their architectural beauty.

LED Streetlights

Numerous significant advantages are offered by street lighting. It illuminates surrounding areas to warn drivers of potential side risks. Since fog, rain, and dust can all reduce vision, street lighting should be functional in all weather circumstances.

1. Roadways and Highways: The main goal of street lighting is to make it easier for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists to navigate the road at night and to increase road safety. In addition to helping to create a mood or a nice environment, business district lighting may also assist prevent crime, according to many community groups. 

2. Community Engagement: By artificially prolonging the hours of daylight so that activity can occur, this LED lighting can be utilised to improve security in metropolitan areas and the quality of life. 

Comparison Chart Between 100-watt Street Light and 100-watt Flood Lights:


Street Light

Flood Light


highlights a particular object or area

illuminates uniformly in all directions and its exposure range can be adjusted.

Beam Angel

Narrow Beam

Broad Beam could be120 Degrees


LF>60,000 Hours

25000-80000 Hours

Color Rendering Index



Color Temperature

Recommended 3000-4000K


Streetlights and LED floodlights are both led area lighting fixtures with a variety of uses. There are many distinctions between LED streetlights and floodlights. While they have different technological specifications, they have similar purposes i.e. to illuminate the exterior sustainably to aid economic welfare and glare-free for clear vision areas. You just have to make sure to buy the LED from a reputed LED lighting manufacturer. Wipro Lighting also offers both types of lights with the latest technology to install and reap maximum benefits in the future. 

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