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June 22, 2022

Modern Office Lighting Design Trends that Reflect the Contemporary Way of Working in 2022

Today, we can witness the increased demand and adaptability of ambient modern office lighting and plants in workspaces. These changes in office interior design have led to soulless cubicle-style offices becoming a thing of the past! 

Today is the age of lively wallpaper, colourful paint, and open and spacious bays. Along with these, an effective lighting structure is in demand among offices to meet the hybrid working model and improve the productivity of the overall space. 

These aspects are imperative to be focused upon for embracing people-centric and flexible design to cater to improving the landscape of the organization, and for employees, staff, and clients to feel relaxed within the environment. 

However, many employers get confused about the role of lighting or how indoor lighting solutions factor into this. To understand the same, a brief knowledge of what a modern office design is or looks like is important. 

What is a modern office design?

A modern designed workspace refers to a space which is designed to acknowledge the needs and requirements of the workforce. 

Nowadays, employees are not much gushing about staying and working for 8 hours straight in the small lifeless cubicle. Therefore, various offices are distancing themselves from a sense of corporate rigidity and thinking about the comfort and sustainability of the space to improve employee experience and efficiency. In short, they want their employees to feel at home and energetic by adapting a hybrid working design. 

Along with these, having well-lit collaborative areas, conference halls, and cafeterias play a greater role in achieving an eye-catching and soothing atmosphere.

These will also help in promoting flexibility in a workspace, which is much needed by the workforce of this age. Also, a proper lighting system will ensure the health and safety of employees. 

Top modern office lighting trends to embrace the way of working and reach greater heights

Suspended lighting

One of the premium lighting solutions to opt for in modern workplace design is suspended lighting. It is a fantastic way to achieve a contemporary yet stylish look in the office. Wipro Lighting offers suspended luminaires like the inForm Range. It is a great lighting option for exposed ceilings to embrace the interior of the workspace. 

From the conference room, and primary workspace to the meeting room, cafeteria, and collaborative spaces, this lighting is beneficial to be placed anywhere within an organisation to respond to people’s needs for visual, emotional, and psychological peace. 

Ambient indoor lighting

Ambient lighting is crowned to offer a uniform level of illumination throughout the office. The main aim of ambient lighting is to ensure the safe passage of traffic while creating an overview of the room. 

Ceiling-mounted fixtures or recessed luminaires like Verge LED from Wipro Lighting are best-in-class indoor lighting solutions for offices to save energy and promote buildings.

This is the reason why offices are now considering sustainability and eco-friendly lighting options to integrate within the space. No wonder, creating ambient lighting with the help of this product is one of the latest modern office trends to look for in 2022.

Aside from these two, one can also go for task lighting (by incorporating portable table lamps and pendants) and accent lighting solutions (like track lights and downlighters) to maximise productivity within the workplace and enhance the overall atmosphere of the office.

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