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April 17, 2023

Opus LED by Wipro Lighting: The Best Choice for Modern Offices

The idea of designing a welcoming and comfortable workspace for modern offices is majorly driven by optimizing the source of lighting in the environment. While choosing sustainable and efficient illumination sources is a priority, enhancing the aesthetics of the space also plays a significant role. Thus, investing in the right kind of luminaire for offices can turn out to be tricky at times.

For instance, the Opus LED is a technology-led solution from Wipro Lighting that enables businesses to create well-lit office spaces that encourage productivity. The luminaire is designed keeping in mind the requirements of a modern workspace: quality, design and efficiency! In this blog, we will walk you through the features and benefits of choosing Opus LED as a luminaire for office spaces.

What is Opus LED?

Opus LED is a circular recess-mounted luminaire that is used in a modular grid in offices. The circular design of the LED seamlessly blends with the design of the space, giving the space a modern and voguish look.

It is a direct-indirect fixture, which means it can operate in multiple lighting modes depending on the requirement while providing uniform light distribution. Its innovative design is backed by compatibility with lighting controls, ensuring higher energy savings.

Here are some of the exceptional features of Opus LED:

  • Unique circular geometry improving ceilings’ curb appeal.
  • Comes with a surrounding light chamber and a spherical drop-down diffuser.
  • Best-suited for offices with a 2X2 modular grid.
  • Multiple modes of operation for user comfort.
  • Compatible with smart lighting solutions.

Different Modes of Lighting in Opus Lighting

As mentioned above, the Opus LED is designed to operate in multiple lighting modes, creating a personalized workspace. These modes are as follows:

Direct lighting mode

This lighting mode is suitable when there is a requirement for functional lighting. Tasks that demand a higher level of attention.

Indirect lighting mode

Indirect lighting mode is used when there is sufficient daylight available and ambient lighting is needed to create a relaxing environment.

Direct-Indirect lighting mode

As the name suggests, this mode of lighting is used when there is a lack of sufficient daylight and the tasks to be performed require high concentration from the occupants.

Why Use Opus LED?

Apart from its excellent design and noteworthy features, using Opus LEDs in office spaces is beneficial in many ways:

  • Versatility: The LED has a unique design profile and can be used in multiple areas of application, such as offices, conference rooms, meeting halls, etc.
  • Energy-efficiency: Unlike traditional luminaires, LEDs are more energy efficient and help businesses minimize their carbon footprints.
  • Better Performance: The Opus LED illuminates the space with uniform light distribution, providing a comfortable work environment for the occupants.
  • Cost-savings: These office lighting fixtures save up to 60% of energy, resulting in minimizing the organization's electricity expenditure.
  • Durability: These LEDs require less maintenance as they offer excellent thermal management and are known for their longer service life.

Nevertheless, with its superior performance and user-friendly features, Opus LED by Wipro Lighting stands out as the top choice for enhancing productivity and creating a conducive workspace. So if you want to opt for a luminaire that caters to the requirements of your office space, choose Opus LED to add aesthetic appeal to your workspace. For more information, visit our website here.

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