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October 4, 2018

Outdoor LED Lighting is Redefining Spaces

Over the past decade, the need for safe and sophisticated spaces have dramatically projected themselves in the market. Industrialists detected this demand and came up with technological products that cater to their customers. We at Wipro Lighting have also introduced revolutionary lighting solutions like LED lights and are changing the way lighting was perceived earlier. Our new-age lighting solutions not only offer better illumination but also fulfill various other aspirations of our customers.

Be it modern workspaces, industries, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical firms, roads or highways; we have successfully illuminated every area with our unique and innovative products.

In this article, we will tell you about the benefits offered by outdoor LED lighting that are helping in redefining spaces.

Better Visibility

This is one of the foremost ways in which outdoor LED lighting has proved its mettle in illuminating spaces. By emitting a uniform distribution of light, outdoor LED lighting offers proper visibility; thereby ensuring safety in the wee hours. Not just this, proper lighting also adds vibrancy to the space leaving no room for dark spots or dimly-lit areas. As people will feel safe and secured due to effective visibility, the usual life hours also increase, and their activities do not get restricted.

Anti-social elements including thieves and burglars also hesitate in committing a crime in such spaces and hence, there is a downfall in criminal activities as well. This, in itself, is a big achievement that outdoor LED lighting has jotted down under its benefits.

Impressive Security

Though it might seem like an elongated version of talking about the security of space; it can’t be ignored that without impressive safety, a place does not reach the expectations of the common people. Outdoor lighting products like street lights, flood lights, high mast and smart poles are suiting up the requirements of a particular space while maintaining order and security as well.

Moreover, Smart City outdoor poles have also entered the league with provisions for raising burglar alarms. The poles also have CCTV cameras on them which offer 24/7 monitoring. These CCTV cameras are connected to the central station and help in easy and effective police monitoring. LED lights can also be integrated with IoT (Internet of Things) to centralize the security network from a single dashboard.

Aesthetical Amplification

Today’s time is not just about advancements and efficiency of products, their style and design also matter. The focus on aesthetics that was earlier restricted to four walls of an establishment has now shifted to the realm of outdoor spaces as well.

Be it public parks, highways or parking areas; every space is now expected to look sophisticated and aesthetical. Therefore, we at Wipro Lighting have come up with lighting solutions that not just illuminate a space effectively but also make it look distinguished and modern.

Energy Efficiency

This is one point where LED lights have ensured that no other lighting solutions can rise to compete with them. The outdoor lighting solutions that use LED technology are 80-90% more efficient when compared to traditional lighting solutions. Hence, their installation proves to be a money-saving step. Moreover, LEDs have high durability and also do not need high maintenance.

Environmental awareness is another crucial thing that LED lights have initiated. As LED lights are devoid of hazardous elements, their use does not harm the environment. In addition to this, LED lights also generate less heat and hence leave lower carbon footprint – making them suitable for greener and healthier environment.

Spaces, when they move beyond their usual definition, become much more than spaces; they become the epitome of excellence. And outdoor LED lighting plays a vital role in helping any space achieve such excellence. Whether it is the beautification of the space or its integration with IoT, our lighting products are crafted to ace them all.

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