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October 4, 2018

Recessed Lighting and Automation

Starting off with a new business is not an easy task. Also, for anyone in the business of making money, it is crucial to setup the office in a prime location. Today, business is more than just offering the employees a 6x6 cubicle. The entire office space should not just reflect the persona of the business but should also have that ‘feel at home’ factor. There is a boom for workspaces that are fun, inspiring and crafted in a way that employees feel more and more productive.

Satisfaction and efficiency improve the overall feel of the office space that is infused with energy. Lighting plays an important role in determining the final look and appeal of a space. A well-lit office space meets the biological lighting needs of the employees and keeps them healthy and alert at the same time.

The lighting industry is undergoing a revolution and big names like Wipro Lighting are a crucial part of this transformation era through their innovative offering like indoor recessed lighting and more. There is no denying the fact that the environment of a space dictates the productivity of those working in it. The modern LED luminaries are multifunctional and blend seamlessly with the contemporary design schemes.

Here is how LED lights are redefining the office spaces apart from increasing productivity

The Human-Centric Factor

Offices are one of those places where Human-Centric lighting is most effective. Not only do they improve the capacity to perform but also elevate concentration and creativity. This feat is achieved by activating as well as calming light at the right time. Human-Centric lighting – with correct specification – facilitates areas with targeted lighting. It works by replicating natural daylight for improved productivity and provides lighting that is perfect for human beings. Human-Centric lighting is a union of design, IoT network, LED lights, and devices. Semiconductors power the lights and in return make them tunable and manageable over a network. It can be used as a connected system that can be further configured to serve its purpose. Human-Centric lighting can connect to smart lighting control devices (scheduling devices) such as occupancy and microwave sensors for automated functioning.

The Sensor Factor

Believe it or not, LED lights have come a long way. Office lighting with smart sensors make it easy to save energy. For example, out of all the areas of an office, meeting rooms are used less often. Lights with occupancy sensors, when installed in meeting rooms can detect human absence and presence. The lights turn on and off respectively while enabling automation and saving energy. Similarly, spaces like washrooms, server and janitor rooms can make use of smart sensors to turn lighting fixtures on in an event of human presence.

The Aesthetical Factor

As a versatile lighting option, recessed lights effortlessly add to the aesthetics of any space. Leading lighting manufacturers like Wipro Lighting offer a wide range of lighting solutions that are technologically advanced. One of their recessed lights – VERGE LED is the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for its Product Design. This exceptionally crafted luminaire, when installed in an office space, promotes a sense of visual harmony where people can collaborate and work effectively. VERGE LED uses a seamless HET PC diffuser that is capable of 10% uplight and 90% downlight. Furthermore, its subtle presence makes it suitable for all décor styles.

Final Words!

Creating an atmosphere in the office where employees feel at ease, is the task of the employer. With the right lighting and surrounding, employees feel more productive and energetic during the office hours. Light plays a decisive role in creating an emotional and functional sense among the workers. Furthermore, the innovation of recessed lighting has made them so versatile that they make any décor look appealing to the eyes. The versatile nature is one of the many reasons why modern offices are turning towards innovative and future-friendly lighting systems.

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