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January 30, 2022

Recessed Lighting and their types

Recessed lighting or downlights are used for meeting many lighting requirements, like decorative lighting, task lighting, and shower lighting. These lights are installed in the ceiling and do not occupy much space like chandeliers. The installation into a wall or ceiling allows these luminaires to visually expand the space, especially rooms or spaces with low ceilings. The low visual impact and clean lines of these luminaires blend perfectly with modern style, come in a sleek look and meet the modern lighting requirements.

These luminaries by Wipro Lighting are visually-pleasing and multi-functional ​​commercial LED lightings that are best for corporate spaces like banks, offices, healthcare centres, and more. Furthermore, it comes with many benefits that make such lighting solutions a perfect buy.

Advantages of recessed luminaires by Wipro Lighting

  • These lights look perfect as they fit seamlessly into all types of ceilings and can be utilized in retail shops, offices and other commercial places.

  • Recessed lighting gives ample opportunities to change the office spaces into a more modern working zone along with paying attention to illuminating requirements.

  • These luminaires can highlight the workstations and cabins, accentuate artwork, and provide a clean look to the workplace.

Infused with all these benefits, our recessed luminaires come in different varieties, rage, designs, and specifications. Let’s learn more about the types of recessed lighting offered by us.

Variety of recessed luminaires by Wipro Lighting

Verge LED

Verge LED by Wipro Lighting is a versatile lighting solution for offices and commercial spaces. It comes with a sleek profile that integrates the texture and other features of the ceiling and gives a clean look. For a visually balanced and volumetric light, installing the architectural design of this LED luminaire on the outer periphery is highly recommended. These luminaires can easily adopt lighting controls like dimmers and sensors. It has a longer lifespan and is energy efficient too. Moreover, it is reliable and gives a quality performance.

Opus LED

Opus LED perfectly suits modular grids that are used mostly in contemporary workspaces. These recessed LED luminaires come with a distinctive spherical drop-down diffuser and also have a surrounding light chamber. It has circular geometry and perfectly blends into the ceiling. It has a contemporary design with both direct and indirect lighting. Furthermore, it is a perfect option for modern offices with a 2X2 modular grid. It is also compatible with daylight and occupancy sensors.

Immaculate DD LED

This recessed mounted lighting solution comes with a unique drop-down diffuser. It is compliant with LG7 guidelines and provides a uniform lighting experience by illuminating both vertical and horizontal surfaces. There are advanced connected lighting solutions compatible with futuristic smart technologies like Power over Ethernet (PoW). Mollis downlight and Glitz COB downlight are ideal lighting options for lecture halls, offices, hospitals, banks and other commercial spaces. These highly efficient luminaires by Wipro Lighting create a productive working environment.

Immaculate Soft & Smart

Immaculate Soft & Smart by Wipro Lighting is a revolutionary anti-glare luminaire that has special diffusers that effectively shields the unwanted glare. It creates a soft and diffused light that is comfortable for human eyes. It comes with an integrated occupancy sensor that helps in saving power. It provides uniform illumination, boosts productivity, and its Microprecision Optics (MPO) diffusers give outstanding glare control maintaining the UGR (Unified Glare Rating)<19. 

Along with the aforementioned lighting options, there is a long light of many more recessed lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting. To know about the specifications and advantages of all of them, explore our range.

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