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February 12, 2018
Supermarket Lighting Basics for Enhanced Customer Experience

With the boom in the commercial market, lighting has also found a special place in various establishments. Be it a retail store or a big supermarket, innovative lighting solutions are illuminating them all and helping them to be more productive.

It is a known fact that the designing and interior of a supermarket can highly influence a customer’s purchase decision. However, not many people might know that lighting also has an important role in this. It can have a significant impact on the workplace functionality and overall customer experience. This article will discuss the supermarket lighting basics that can lead to an enhanced customer experience.

Importance of Right Supermarket Lighting

Below are some of the facts why right supermarket lighting is essential for enhanced customer experience:

  • Enhances the Visual Appeal
    A perfectly and aesthetically lit store will attract customers. Good lighting will also affect the mind of the customers making them stay longer in the store which will increase their potential purchase. Hence, increased sales and more popularity.
  • Influences Customer’s Purchase
    It is not just the attraction benefit but also the influence that lighting has on the customers’ shopping appetite. The colour of lighting, for instance, can enhance the presentation of the food products; thus, making them look more fresh and attractive. This, in turn, leads to better sales of the products.
  • Preserves Food
    Not known to many, but if a supermarket is using LED lighting solutions, then it can be advantageous for UV-sensitive and meat products. As LED lighting emits low IR and UV radiation, they can be useful to keep the food products fresh. Not to forget, LED lights have an antibacterial effect on foodborne pathogens.
  • Reduced Costs

    There is no denial in the fact that a supermarket needs constant lighting to keep up with the sales. Hence, it is necessary to invest in solutions that are energy efficient. LED lighting comes as one of the best options, thanks to its high durability, energy efficiency and versatility.

    All the areas in a supermarket deserve a different level of visibility; hence, the need of the right lighting solutions. For instance, in areas where the light must be focused on a distinctive product, pendant lighting can be used. Similarly, places that do not need customer attention may not need to use bright LEDs and can be more sparsely lit.

Here is a guide to lighting basics in important areas within supermarket:


They occupy most of the space in a supermarket and need more visibility to help the customers in navigation. The lighting used in aisles must be able to accentuate the products and highlight both sides of the display shelves. Moreover, the lighting fixtures should be installed in such a way that there are minimum shadows restricting the clear view of the product.

The Counter Area

An area where most of the detail-oriented tasks such as customer interaction and exchange of money are performed, the counter area needs a different kind of lighting which offers both comfort and high visibility. While installing the lighting fixtures in this area, it is important to keep in mind the comfort of both the customers and employees. As employees will be working for long hours in this area, they too need an adequately lit space that does not hamper their productivity and copes with their work. Warm white lighting can be used as it will make the customers as well as employees more comfortable.

Back Room

Though this area is not associated with the customer-attraction point of view, it is as important as the other two areas discussed above. It is the backroom where supermarket employees perform essential tasks, and hence the lighting of this place must be installed while keeping the practicality in mind. Using aesthetical lighting in this area may not be a good option. To know which lighting suits this area, one can hire a professional lighting designer and install the perfect lighting in all the areas.

Lighting is a vital part of a supermarket and therefore it must be utilised in the best way. Today, there are many lighting solution providers like Wipro Lighting that offer efficient LED lighting solutions like pendant lighting for all commercial needs.

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