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October 22, 2020

The design principle of Human Centric Lighting

Recent trends reveal that workspaces today are witnessing the third millennium revolution. The work culture has transformed substantially and leveraged us to spend our working hours in indoor environment. This has eventually increased the need of agile and empowering workspaces with lighting conditions playing a much central role. Thus, office authorities now aim to harness performance benefits associated with sunlight and are increasingly deciding on the installation of smart lighting solutions like Human Centric Lighting in their workspaces.

Human Centric Lighting: The lighting technology of today

Human Centric Lighting, also known as HCL, is a smart LED lighting solution that intends to support human health, well-being and performance through holistic planning and implementation of visual, emotional and biological effects of light. It emulates natural daylight conditions in indoor environment and delivers “THE APT” lighting effect that supports the human biological clock and ensures high performance. For instance, inSync™ by Wipro Lighting is regarded as one of the best indoor lighting solutions that can uplift the mood, maximize energy levels, improve concentration, and increase the motivation level of the employees.

How does HCL work?

HCL works in harmony with the earth’s natural lighting cycle and emulates sunlight in indoor spaces with artificial lighting. It puts people at the centre and ensures optimized working conditions throughout the day.

  • During morning hours, HCL ensures low lighting levels and low correlated colour temperatures (CCT) to support the gradually increasing focus and alertness levels of the employees.
  • During mid-day, humans tend to get most active and alert. Thus, the system ensures warm light with low intensity and high light levels along with high CCT.
  • With the onset of evening, the system lowers down the light levels as well as the CCT. It delivers a cool light with high intensity.
  • At night, HCL reduces light levels and CCT significantly. It ensures warm light with a low intensity that assists the human body in relaxing and recharging after a tiring day.

The smart lighting solution makes the best use of technology and utilizes multiple electrical equipment like LED luminaires, sensors, and controllers. Moreover, HCL can be delivered over three different technologies, i.e. Power over Ethernet (PoE), Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), and Bluetooth.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a lighting solution that keeps employee interest at the centre. It aids in creating a visually comfortable, glare-free and attractive workspace that complements employee’s health and wellness. It is in true sense “The Lighting for People”.

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