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July 22, 2018

The Role of Lighting in Maintaining Security at Railway Yards

in the railway yards have increased in frequency and intensity in the last few years. The security fences of the railway yards can be easily by-passed, making it possible for unauthorised persons to enter the area. Railway yard vandalism can cost the government millions, if not tackled at the earliest. One step to increase security at railway yards is by using LED lights for ample illumination. The benefits of LED lights are not unknown. They are becoming the lighting choice for all major commercial applications including the railway yards.

Lighting is an essential part of our lives and a necessity for all commercial applications. Carrying out a task without any hurdles would not be possible without proper illumination, to say the least. Thankfully, the lighting industry is continually innovating, and we at Wipro Lighting are an active part of driving growth across sectors through smart and intelligent lighting. The growth might not have a direct connection with illumination, it is undoubtedly making the workforce more productive across industries.

We at Wipro Lighting, provide a host of LED lighting solutions for railway yards. Our floodlights, high mast lights and other LED solutions are cost-effective and offer superior performance and visibility.

Read on to find how improved lighting conditions can combat the vulnerabilities that exist.

Reduced Theft

The security risks at a railway yard can include vandalism, graffiti, theft, drug dealing, fire, and acts of terrorism. Ample illumination, to a larger extent, can reduce these risks. From tracks to underground passageways, luggage storage facilities, and parked railway cars and engines, each area of a railway yard when illuminated well can reduce theft and vandalism.

Reduced Fall and Other Hazards

Ample illumination plays an enormous role in increasing the safety of those working in the yard. A dimly lit area in any railway yard can be dangerous for the employees. Railway yards often store highly inflammable items, dangerous raw materials and products that are prone to accidents that can prove to be hazardous for the employees. Using LED high mast light can adequately illuminate all the areas while abolishing negative spaces.

Increased Safety

LED lights play a great role in improving safety at the railway yards. With ample illumination, it becomes difficult for unauthorised persons to enter the area without getting noticed. Security is a paramount for railway yards because of their critical nature. Since costly equipment and other goods are often loaded and unloaded at the yards; it is essential to keep the area fully secured. The more active and well-lit a staging area, the lower the chances of theft and vandalism. Moreover, proper illuminance is helpful in areas with poor contrast. The workforce in the loading and offloading areas will see better, if LED floodlights or high mast lights are used. This is because these luminaires have superior colour rendering and offer beam uniformity.

What Makes LED Lights the Perfect Choice for Illumination?

The lighting industry is in its revolutionary phase and LED lights have taken illumination to an altogether different level. With new products packed with brilliant features being introduced, LED lights are taking over conventional lighting fixtures at a fast pace. Reasons that make LED lights the perfect choice for illuminating the railway yards include:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Non-toxic
  • Simple adjustability
  • Increased efficiency
  • Longer life than conventional lighting fixtures
  • Uniformed light from all fixtures

Final Words

Attaining effective security, reduced risks and targeting to minimize the level of threats at railway yards involves several aspects that should be taken into thought and actions that must be followed. LED lighting has significant advantages in such areas. Not only LED lights are far better than conventional lighting solutions, but they also play a significant role in providing best lighting conditions that can make much difference.

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