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February 20, 2018
The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Out of Pendant Lights

A subtle yet effective lighting solution, pendant lighting plays a significant role in enhancing the ambience of any area. It is one such innovative lighting product that not just proves its worth as an efficient luminaire but also works as a classy accessory to a place. Such versatility has helped pendant lighting carve its own niche in the lighting industry.

However, if installed improperly, pendant lights might not be able to work their magic. Therefore, factors like the colour and position must be considered before the final installation.

Here are some ways in which pendant lighting can be used to provide a unique atmosphere in an organization.

  • Give a Distinctive Look to Reception
    The reception area of an office must have a distinctive look as it is the first thing that marks an impression on the visitor. There are various stylish yet classy pendant lighting solutions that we offer at Wipro Lighting. One can choose any of them which suits the décor of the reception and complements the style statement of the company.
  • Make Creative Corridors
    Pendant lighting can be used to give the office corridor a creative look. It can give a clean and spacious look to the corridors without compromising on the visibility. Now, while selecting pendant lighting for the corridors, it is important to keep in mind that their designs and functionality level must match up with the structure of the corridor. They should be installed strategically so that their light reaches the ground and creates a liberated look.
  • For Warm and Productive Workstations
    An extreme exposure to high-density light at the workstation can affect the employees’ mood making them uncomfortable and less productive. By providing uniform light distribution, pendant lights can resolve this issue quite effectively. As they hang from the ceiling, pendant lights effortlessly create focused lighting on the desk without obstructing the work. Moreover, the colour of the light also plays a vital role in mood setting. Hence, bright colours can be used to make people feel energetic and attentive.
  • Bring Comfort to the Conference Rooms
    The use of pendant lighting is not just limited to corridors or workplaces; they are also suitable for conference rooms. While choosing pendant lights, one needs to consider the shape and style of the furniture in the area to make it effective.
  • Make a Trendy Cafeteria
    Thanks to the popularity of pendant lighting in the modern office décors, they are now available in various types, sizes and colours. Hence, they are also being used to accentuate an area’s overall ambience. One can also use quirky pendant lights to give a fresh look to the cafeteria.

Some basic points to keep in mind while Installing pendant lights:

  • Pendant lights must be hung at least 28 to 34 inches above the countertop to avoid any obstruction
  • They look better if used in pairs or in a set of three for a uniform look.
  • Before finalizing the pendant light for space, pay attention to proportion.
  • To ensure energy efficiency, opt for pendant lighting with LED technology.
  • For better dispersion of light, pendant lights should be hung in symmetry to the furniture placed in the desired place.

Making the best out of pendant lights needs a bit of focus and once you are well aware of their versatile ability to blend in with any architecture and décor, the all-rounder pendant lights will be your ultimate choice. We at Wipro Lighting offer various types of pendant lighting that can blend with the modern architecture and give a nuanced décor to the place.

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