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March 22, 2018

Tips For Creating a Stylish Yet Functional Workspace

Whether it is a cubicle of a big multinational or a small office desk in a startup, a workspace plays an important role in affecting the overall productivity of employees. Hence, it has to be designed in such a way that it reflects motivation and comfort.

Over the time, companies have realized this underlying fact and are trying their best to come up with innovating and creative workspaces for their employees. Modern workspaces are focusing on their cultural shift to make themselves more employee-friendly. Due to this popularity, other enterprises are also looking forward to transforming their workspace to make them stylish yet comfortable. To help them out, here are a few tips that can work wonders if utilized properly:

Comfortable Yet Elegant Seating

A comfortable seating area is a must when revamping the workspace. As most of the employees’ time is spent while sitting, a comfy seat is no less than a heavenly zone for them. An uncomfortable chair can lead to pain in the back that can affect the productivity of the employees. On the other hand, a comfortable chair not only proves to be good for health but also improves concentration power.

Using colorful pillows and putting a footstool are some of the ways that can enhance the comfort of the existing chairs without compromising on the style factor. If replacement of chairs is necessary, investing in the ones that go with the office décor while providing utmost comfort is recommended.

Funky Accessories

Adding accessories that are funky yet classy is a great step to fuel the energy of a workspace. The accessories can be anything from an inspiring photograph to a cute little panda clock at the desk. The employees can themselves bring things that they feel connected to. This will make their workspace a personalised one, giving them more relaxed and comfortable time in the office.

Play with Lighting

It is not just the comfortable seating or classy accessories that can accentuate the style of a workspace; lighting too plays a vital role. As per the studies, the character and quality of the lighting can affect the productivity of the employees.

With more and more stylish lighting solutions like pendant lighting coming up in the market, office spaces are now focusing on enhancing the visual appeal with alluring and energy saving LED products. Some brands like Wipro Lighting offer pendant lighting that can accentuate the aesthetical appeal of a workspace while cuitting the costs on electricity bills due to their energy efficiency. Wipro Lighting’s Smart and Connected Solutions promote ‘agile’ workspaces that enhance the overall productivity and the well-being of the employees.

Nature’s Touch

Another tip in the list is associated with nature’s touch. A green workplace is now one of the trendiest takes of the big firms that can be utilized with less investment. Just a few indoor plants placed in the office space and the whole area transforms into a healthy workspace boosting the creativity of the employees.

Some of the popular indoor plants that can be installed easily in a workspace are jade plant, peace lily, snake plant, umbrella tree to name a few. These will not just enhance the look of the place but also improve the air quality of the workspace.

Suitable Storage Space

A cluttered workspace will not appeal to the viewers irrespective of the stylish lighting or alluring ambience. Hence a suitable storage space is a must for all workspaces Organized folders, desk organizers, and stacks for important papers can make employees feel well-managed and stress-free. To add style, one can get folders and boxes in a variety of designs and colours.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, one can also invest in upgraded tech equipment such as single function printer or wireless speakers or add new furniture in the office that match up with the overall décor of the workspace. Once these tips are followed with great detailing, happy and smiling faces will bring the final touch to the overall ambience of the workspace.

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