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January 4, 2021

Top smart lighting solutions for 2021

India may still be a developing country but it surely has embraced technological advancements in all commercial sectors. Be it infrastructure or agriculture, all the sectors have made significant process in terms of efficiency and productivity with the integration of novel technologies. One such domain is the LED lighting solutions that have come a long way with the help of holistic technologies like the Internet of the things.

Internet of things (IoT) is no less than a revolution in the Indian LED market. For instance, top LED lighting manufacturers in India have made the best use of the IoT technology in order to develop top-notch smart lighting solutions.

Here are the top smart lighting solutions that you can decide on in 2021:

1. Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

As the name suggest, human centric lighting is the lighting focussed on human welfare and in true sense is the lighting for people. This innovative smart lighting solution ensures good health and high productivity levels by complementing our biological clock i.e. circadian rhythms. It imitates sunlight in indoor spaces and promotes person’s well-being, mood, and health. Moreover, it is helpful in improving concentration and efficiency in workspaces; thus serves as an investment rather than an expense. For instance, inSync™ - the human centric lighting solution by Wipro Lighting is a sustainable and high performance lighting that adheres to all the requirements of a modern workspaces.

2. Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet, commonly known as PoE is another revolutionary smart lighting solution that promotes employee comfort, productivity, and safety along with energy efficiency. It breaks free the LED lighting solutions from traditional electrical cables and uses ethernet cables instead to power up the luminaires. Moreover, it helps in building a personalized and connected workspace. While ensuring comfortable illumination, it also provides real time updates on lighting system status and operations. This further helps in gaining insights and improving operations.

3. LiFi

LiFi is an ultra-modern lighting solution that provides WiFi like experience, but with the light spectrum. Meaning, it provides high-speed, bi-directional, and wireless communication of data through light. It comprises of multiple LED luminaires that together form a wireless network. It is safe, convenient, and one of the best smart lighting solutions you can decide on in 2021.

Smart lighting solutions are the need of the hour. Not because they’re technologically advanced, but for they have encouraged a change in the modern working culture, where the focus is now shifting on ensuring health and wellness of the people (employees) rather than just making profits.

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