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May 20, 2018

Types of Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Be it a small workplace, huge manufacturing unit or a retail store; lighting fixtures have been illuminating the commercial sector for the past many decades. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a world without lighting fixtures.

Over the time, lighting fixtures have also evolved a lot, transforming into better versions every time. For instance, the commercial sector is now focusing heavily on LED lighting solutions that not only offer great illuminance but also offer the benefits of futuristic technology like IoT.

Looking at the tremendous increase in the popularity of LED lighting solutions, renowned brands like Wipro Lighting have launched a versatile range of products. The new-age commercial lighting fixtures fulfil all kinds of industry needs. These fixtures are highly durable, cost-effective and make use of superior LED technology. Here are some of the types of commercial lighting fixtures that are creating a buzz nowadays:

  • Flood Lights

    Mainly used in the manufacturing plants, these lighting fixtures flood an area using a high beam of light. Other areas where flood lights prove to be highly beneficial are parking lots, ports, billboards and industrial outdoors. One can opt for LED flood lights as they not only maintain safety through proper illumination but also save money due to high energy efficiency and durability.

  • High-Bay & Mid-Bay Luminaires

    Specially designed for tall ceilings that cover large areas, high-bay and mid-bay luminaries are ideal for small-scale manufacturing units, warehouses, and ports. These lighting fixtures are known for their low production of heat which makes them one of the best lighting choices when it comes to improving the working conditions for the employees. Moreover, LED high bay light fixtures are highly durable and energy efficient that makes them the popular choice in the commercial sector.

  • Pendant Lighting

    Commercial spaces are not just about hustling-bustling large areas; there are also personalized work areas where the usual luminaries cannot work. This is where pendant lighting enters the big picture with its effective and aesthetical look. Pendant lighting offers a uniform distribution of light that enhances the overall ambience of a place. Moreover, its elegant designs bring a stylish touch to the working area creating a pleasant work environment for the employees while boosting productivity.

  • Recessed Lighting

    These are lighting fixtures that are installed in the hollow opening in the ceiling to offer a focused illuminance. They are also called downlights and are often used to provide excellent visual comfort. Best suited for commercial areas like corporate workplaces, banks and retail stores, recessed lighting can transform the overall look of the place. They are used to accentuate specific areas like workstations to give them a clean and sophisticated look.

  • Landscape Lighting

    Over the years, the focus on the elegant look of a surrounding has increased. This is the reason the lighting industry has also come up with innovative solutions that not only fulfil the primary need of illuminance but also go the extra mile with their attractive designs to give a stylish look. Landscape lighting fixture is one of those creative options that enhance the architectural design while offering superior visibility in outdoor areas.

  • Cleanroom Luminaires

    A totally different type of lighting fixture, cleanroom luminaires offer pure light which is highly required in the manufacturing industry that deals with pharmaceutical and food products. These are easy to clean, are dust free and offer uniform distribution of light that leaves no room for any error. Cleanroom luminaries from brands like Wipro Lighting are known for high efficacy LEDs. They not only save energy costs but also ensure high precision while offering additional benefits like water-proofing and positive locking.

The emergence of different types of LED lighting fixtures have brought a revolutionary change in the commercial sector. Industrialists now look beyond the limits of illuminance that conventional lighting solutions had to offer. Be it energy efficiency, high durability and stylish ambience, the new-age lighting fixtures give them all and also promise to make them future-ready with the recent integration with IoT.