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April 22, 2021

Types of smart lighting and its working

The lighting industry continues to make a transition from incandescent, fluorescent and HID lighting to LED technology due to its sundry advantages. What truly kicked off this irresistible trend was the long-awaited demand for a light source that had qualities such as low energy consumption, reduced environmental impact, and extended shelf life.

What do you mean by smart lighting?

Smart lighting is also referred to as adaptive lighting and is about instilling intelligence in luminaires. This is done so that lighting can communicate with the environment, building occupants and other devices that are present. Furthermore, smart lighting control is flexible and automates lighting infrastructure which helps control a multitude of lighting features from simple on/off to complex adaptive lighting.

Different kinds of smart light

Smart lighting is capable of variations with regards to product features and design considerations because the end-user preferences differ a lot. Below is a round-up of smart lighting products that can be used in a commercial and/or outdoor setting.


You must have heard about WiFi, but what is Lifi? LiFi is an ultra-modern lighting solution that provides Wifi like experience with an added light spectrum. It provides high-speed, wireless communication of data via light, and bi-directional. It consists of several multiple LED luminaires that come together and form a wireless network. It is convenient, safe, and one of the best smart lighting solutions.

Smart street lights

Smart street lights are one of the most valuable assets of any city. When you add communications capabilities and intelligence to them, it enables remote control and management of light fixtures from a central system making it possible for timely control of the street lights. Even though simple smart street lights lead to enormous saving and energy, IoT enabled street lighting transforms the way municipalities supervise the city.

Smart light fixtures

Office buildings provide a plethora of opportunities to leverage the power of intelligent lighting control to maximize energy, and at the same time enhance the working environment. The smart light fixture comes with photocells, occupancy sensors and time clocks that help optimize light output. The amalgamation of networking and intelligence let the fixture communicate with each other.


After the initial investment in smart lights, the cost going forward is minimal. As you might be aware, LED smart lighting solutions last longer and consume less energy to function which can translate into savings on your monthly bills.

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