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May 5, 2022

Why Upgrading the University's Exterior Lighting is Essential?

A college or university reaches greater heights due to the contribution of a lot of variables. From excellent students,  study habits and passionate teachers to valuable campus resources, everything is important to make a good institution. However, along with these, there is one more thing that is crucial in achieving the desired successa perfect lighting system

Lighting is an integral part of any building design to create a productive and efficient space. Many universities consider the top indoor lighting solutions to illuminate the space adequately. However, they sometimes overlook the significance of exterior illumination. To make you aware of the same, we have listed some key pointers to highlight the benefits of outdoor lighting luminaires

Reasons to upgrade your university’s exterior lighting 

Improves safety

Poor or inadequate lighting will never fully illuminate every corner of the university’s outdoor portions. And, insufficient lighting on walkways, stairs or ramps can pose a great threat to students and professors. They might trip or fall due to unclear visibility. Hence, planning a lighting structure to brightly illuminate stairs, turns, certain signs, and elevation changes is imperative. 

For this, consider getting high energy-efficient and sustainable outdoor LED light fixtures like Alpha LED Floodlight from Wipro Lighting. It is cost-effective with a contemporary design and a longer lifespan. And, the best part is that this luminaire has a unique lens system for enhanced uniform illumination and strong glass with a silicon gasket for IP66 protection. 

Reduces criminal mischiefs

A good lighting system not only deters accidents but also reduces the risk of assaults or attacks. LEDs provide brighter illumination than traditional luminaires to make people feel safer within the premises. Furthermore, it makes violent individuals less likely to break the rules. Hence, upgrading conventional lights to LEDs can benefit universities to have well-lit and functional emergency contact lamps throughout the grounds. 

Post top LED and Gardenia LED are some beneficial landscape luminaires to illuminate grounds and other common outdoor areas of the institute uniformly. 

Highlights the campus architecture

Lights have the power to protect and deter. Not only this, they can enhance the beauty and architecture of the space. Incorporating layered LED lighting can amplify the exterior portions of an educational institute. Dramatic accent lights can positively help create a long-lasting impression. Also, when your university has a perfect outdoor lighting system, it can draw more attention from the crowd and let them enjoy tours or events happily. 

Along with floodlights, you can go for recessed luminaires and street lights. These are some reliable lighting options to consider for having multi-functional, pleasing and modern exterior lighting solutions in your space. 

Especially for entrances, you can even consider Arcus Range by Wipro Lighting to address functional requirements as well as highlight the aesthetics of the surroundings at the same time. 

Dim or improper lights will never do justice to your university’s reputation and success. Re-lumination can help you create or design an excellent space for students and teachers to learn and grow. 

Explore the website to get the quality and reliable lighting fixtures to brighten every corner of the university’s outer space. 

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