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February 19, 2021

Warm lighting vs. Cool lighting: What is better for you?

LED lights hold the pride of place when we talk about lighting-up the offices and workspaces. LED office lighting fixtures are preferred by companies worldwide because they are affordable, enhance visibility, make the environment vibrant and are ideal for contemporary workspace. Although the use of LED luminaires is increasing rapidly, it has been noticed that some people still get confused, whether to choose warm light or cool light for their office premise. First of all, we need to know the basic difference between both the types of light and then, we will understand which form of the luminaire is perfect for which commercial space.

The basic difference between warm light and cool light:

The colour temperature is the main reason for creating a difference between both types of light. Warm light gives a natural yellowish colour and looks natural. Whereas, cool light looks artificial and emits bluish colour. Kelvin scale is used to differentiate between the two. This scale measures the colour of light in numerical values. The warm light comes in around 2700-3000K and the cool is more than 4000K. Warm light gives a traditional feel and is ideal for homes. Cool luminaires give a clean look and are perfect for the modern workspace.

This differentiation between warm and cool luminaires is enough to understand the usage of colour temperatures in modern workspace lighting.

Suitable colour temperature for different places in the office premises

1. Workspace

Just like at home, we need ample light in the office for doing different tasks. Whether it is computer-based tasks or detailed work, proper lighting is required in all. Cool white lighting is perfect for modern office lighting.

2. Conference room

Conference room or huddle is used for conducting collaboration or meetings. While doing important discussions and explanations, it is essential to have a comfortable and relaxed environment. So, moderate white light is good enough for such spaces.

3. Break room

It is the place where employees come and relax after getting tired of working. In such areas, warm to neutral white light is perfect. It gives comfort to the eyes and provides relaxation.

4. Lobby

Whether it is an automobile industry or a software company, visitors come in every sector. The lobby is not just a place that grabs the attention of visitors and allures them, but this space should also make them feel comfortable once they enter the office premises. Cool white light is apt for areas like lobby or entrance.

Commercial spaces should be well-lit and welcoming so that employees, as well as visitors, feel safe, comfortable, and complete their assigned jobs easily. Wipro commercial lighting solutions has a wide range of luminaires which are designed to meet all types of office requirements. Opus LED by Wipro lighting is one of the state-of-art product when we are talking about ideal office led lighting solutions. It can be programmed to emit uniform white light or warm light and the user is free to toggle between either of them. The product is innovative, versatile and easy to maintain. Such lighting solutions help in enhancing employee wellness and productivity.

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