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April 29, 2018

Ways Shopping Malls Can Improve Shopping Experience For Their Customers

Today’s retail landscape has become overcrowded making it a herculean task for shopping malls to stand out as best in the market. More and more shopping malls are coming up with exclusive offers and luxurious store outlets. However, not all of them become the lucky ones to allure a huge number of shoppers.

To make a mall an ultimate shopping destination for shopaholics, the owners need to focus on enhancing the customer experience. Consumers opt for a shopping destination that offers them great comfort and an interesting multi-sensory experience. This article will unveil the ways shopping malls can improve the shopping experience for their customers.

Leveraging Technology to Transform the Mall Experience

One of the most important things that mall owners need to keep in mind is the installation of technological devices and applications to improve the mall value. Some of the things that come under this are Wi-Fi services, security cameras, indoor LED lighting along with smart lighting controls. We at Wipro Lighting, are not only known for our aesthetical products like pendant lighting but also for outdoor lighting that offers better illumination throughout the area.

Coming up with Creative Fun Activities

Today’s consumers do not just visit the mall for shopping, but they also look for a complete package of leisure and entertainment as well. Most of the malls have come up with entertainment and fun arena where they have interesting games and activities that people can enjoy with their friends and family.

Some of the popular fun activities are video games, ice skating, water rides and many more. These activities make the customers feel good about the time they spent in the mall which encourages them to revisit the place.

Mix of Stores

Famous international and national brands ought to be there but including some funky stores in the mall can create a sense of the unexpected in customer’s minds. Pop-up stores and activations can be the stepping stone for such a tenant mix. New stores can also help in targeting new customers and thus enhancing the footfall in the mall.

The Perfect Ambience

The ambience of shopping malls must be such that it gives a welcoming feeling to the visitors. Be it the architecture, lighting, or the décor; all should match the international standard encouraging a greater shopping experience. A small fountain can also be installed to give a refreshing feel to the overall surrounding. Some thoughtful facilities like an ideal mother-care room and amenities that are easily accessible by physically challenged must also be there. A touch of green can work wonders in shopping malls. It gives the consumers a refreshing vibe that makes them feel good about themselves.

Trendy and Spacious Food Courts

Shopping is undoubtedly a fun experience, but it is a tiresome hobby as well. This is where food courts in malls come to play an essential role. A comfortable and cozy food court offering delicious meals is like icing on the top that can enhance the overall fun of the shopping experience in malls.

Some people even visit shopping malls just to spend quality time in the food court with their friends and family. Hence, mall owners must give great attention to their food courts. They must have a high-quality and comfortable seating arrangement. The interior along with the lighting must be planned aesthetically to provide a homely environment for the customers.

To grow as a one-stop shop for shopaholics, mall owners need to work in various fields whether it is regarding aesthetical lighting or exciting campaigns. We at Wipro Lighting, understand the dynamics and the needs of our customers. That is why we come up with exclusive indoor lighting solutions that not only light up their businesses but also cut their costs due to high energy efficiency.

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