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January 8, 2020

What is the Importance of Lighting in Interior Designing?

Lighting is one of the most pivotal interior designing elements in all the commercial spaces. It helps in creating a welcoming and productive environment while enhancing the aesthetical value of the space. The leading LED lighting manufacturers believe that lighting holds the absolute key to a good interior design. It not only influences the space perception, ambience, and mood of the people but also holds a great scope for increasing the efficiency quotient of the space.

For instance, deciding on indoor LED lighting solutions and LED office lighting fixtures not only encourages energy savings but also costs savings. Furthermore, right lighting also compliments other design elements including colour selection, space size and layout, furnishing, etc. to ameliorate the harmony and fluidity of an interior design.

Here are some of the interior designing aspects where lighting plays a crucial role:

1. Ensures optimal colour management

Lighting is known to lay a significant influence on the appearance of colours in a space. It can add to or subtract from the overall colours of the elements in the room. Moreover, it is also capable of creating an illusion by reflecting the light from the walls. Interior designers assert that lighting conditions can make a space holding light coloured elements seem bigger.

2. Improves functionality and serves a purpose

Improving the functionality of a space is asserted to be one of the primary roles played by lighting in the interior designing domain. It illuminates the space, makes working easier, and ensures the safety and security of the premises as well as the employees. Moreover, top commercial lighting manufacturers also believe that lighting is required to serve a purpose, or else it’s just waste of money and electricity. For instance, surface mounted luminaires are installed in large spaces like halls, foyers, lobbies, etc. not just because they are charming, but due to the fact that they provide excellent illumination throughout the space.

3. Aids in creating illusion of space

As mentioned earlier, lighting helps in creating an illusion of the space. Interior designers typically find aesthetical ways to bring in more light in the darker sections of a building. Experts believe that an inefficiently illuminated space often seems cramped, which may be worsened by the close proximity of the furniture arrangements. Thus, interior designers try to illuminate the space with suspended luminaires, corner lamps, etc. in order to create a visually larger space.

Various researches also assert that lighting conditions can affect the productivity levels of the people. Thus, people now-a-days are investing in smart lighting solutions like Human Centric Lighting that can be programmed to emulate daylight in a space. Since daylight is recognized as the best light that complements human behavior, it uplifts the mood of the employees while increasing their motivation and concentration levels.

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